6 Summer Dresses To Make Getting Dressed A Breeze

6 Summer Dresses To Make Getting Dressed A Breeze

After shopping yesterday with my private client, I found myself in the sale section at Aritzia. First off, let it be said there are MAJOR markdowns happening at most stores right now which is great if you’re in the market for summer clothes, but a bit of a bummer if you’re ready to shop fall (slim pickings!). As I perused through the racks, my hands got stuck on some pretty amazing dresses -silk and cotton in supercute prints…my style 100%! There was even ONE that had my name on it. But because I needed to rush home to my sick kid, I decided to come back the next day for further examination.

Needless to say, I didn’t make it back to Aritzia so instead I decided to get online, and see what cute dresses await. Sadly, I couldn’t find THE ONE on their site (that’s the thing with those clearance racks…they’re almost one-of-a-kind in limited sizing), but I did see these 6 that may do the deed, and help me get dressed in a breeze.

6 Summer Dresses To Shop Now

1. Wilfred Verger Dress
2. Talula Horatio Dress
3. Wilfred Free Kai Dress
4. Babaton Jessie Dress
5. Wilfred Balma Dress
6. Le Fou by Wilfred Berenice Dress

Which one would you wear?

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  1. terre@helpyouwell.com' Terre Pruitt says:

    For me, they all look like I’d-have-to-try-them-on-to-see. The 3. Wilfred Free Kai Dress looks like an oversized scrub top.

  2. Ha! An oversized scrub shirt! I actually love the simplicity of that one…guess I lean towards the utilitarian look.

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