90 day

90 day

90 DAY

style refresh

Transform Into Your Next Level Of 


Group styling program

For women who are sick of wearing their outdated clothes that no longer capture their TRUE BEAUTY

It's Time To Play Catch Up & Reinvent Your Style So It's Current To You Now Reflects Who You Are Becoming

Imagine This...

  • Your outfits magically fall into place each day
  • You feel put together & you come across as effortless
  • You know how to use ALL your clothes and rearrange them into fresh outfits that don’t rely on the same ingredients over and over
  • You have more WOW days than not



Join this mind + style expanding program and...


You'll get reaquainted with your personal preferences and reshape your taste so you LOVE everything you wear. You'll also get crystal clear on your current body and complimentary color palette which ensures your refreshed style plays up your strengths.


Next you'll expand the vision of what’s possible for yourself. You'll be surprised to see how many new options are available for you. This is where you get to dream big and explore the shapes, styles & colors that draw you in. Elysha will show you how to make those dreams a reality in your wardrobe.


It's time to shed the old identities caught up in your old clothes. Elysha shares the right way to clear your closet so that everything in your wardrobe serves a purpose in your life.


Finally, you'll combine all you've done to put together outfits representing YOUR REFRESHED style. Elysha will  teach you how to add personal touches and complimentary details making sure your style is undeniably YOURS.

By the end, you'll feel inspired by your wardrobe and energized in the rest of your life. 

90 Day Style Refresh

Go from feeling blah & unmotivated to VIBRANT & READY!

You'll tap into your greatest potential & learn how to express it on the outside.

Here's What's Included In 

90 Day Style Refresh

3 months in an intimate group  

Space is limited. You'll have oodles of access to Elysha.

Bi-weekly live group calls (6 total) 

(valued at $1800)

All calls are recorded if you can't make it live.

Personal outfit feedback 

(valued at $500)

Submit your outfit and receive Elysha's tips on how to make your outfit more memorable.

Bi-weekly prompts

(valued at $350)

To develop and strengthen your style skills with plenty of time to implement.

Curated resources

(valued at $800)

Tip sheets, workbooks and tutorials that breakdown the art & science of style so it becomes second nature.

Private facebook group 

(valued at $250)

This is YOUR space for celebrating, asking questions and accountability. You'll also have access to Elysha in between calls here.

3 special bonuses

(valued at $450)

To set you up for absolute success.

This IS NOT a pre-recorded course where you watch modules, and figure it out on your own.

 Elysha will be with you (in a super intimate setting)— sharing her wealth of styling experience, offering support and sprinkling her stylish spirit to encourage your progress. 

You'll receive practical styling strategies and expert guidance that empower you to take your personal style into your own hands so you GLOW-BIG and show up powerfully in your life.

Meet Elysha

Elysha Lenkin is a personal fashion stylist who has helped hundreds of women look incredible. For 20+ years she's styled NYC commercial shoots for big brands, magazines and celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Entertainment Weekly, O The Oprah Magazine, Tina Fey, Serena Williams, and Working Mother.

Elysha Lenkin style reinvention

After seeing the struggle everyday women were having with their style, Elysha pivoted her career. She decided she was going to help women who were frustrated with what they wore, and show them how it could feel fun, creative and like second nature to them too! Today she helps real women reinvent their styles so they love how they look, and show up with more confidence in their lives.

What they say

I've noticed so much growth in myself. I’m now able to look at an outfit and decide what's missing. I've grown in my ability to put together outfits that make me look good, but would not have worn or even considered before we started working together! 

Laura M.

Debbie H.

Elysha gave me so many tips about dressing. In all my years, I have never been given "dressing" lessons and while it comes easily to many, I actually need to be taught!

It's so much easier to shop now that I know will and won't work for me. No more impulse buying because it's a good deal! If you never wear it — it was a waste of money!

Erin S.


“This was one of our best events. Elysha was so clear, positive, and nonjudgmental. She provided oodles of pragmatic approaches to forming a  style while being positive and inspirational."

Are you ready to boost your presence and feel more confident in your clothes?

90 Day Style Refresh

 3 months in an intimate group that includes:

  • Bi-weekly live group calls (6 total) =$1800 

  • Personal outfit feedback from Elysha = $500  

  • Bi-Weekly style prompts = $350 

  • Curated collection of resources = $800 

  • Private Facebook group = $250 



Kick Off Call

An opportunity to lay the foundation, set intention and prepare for total success in your 90 Day Style Refresh.





Style Confidence Collection  

A collection of 3 videos: Rock Your YOU Style, Dress Your Body Better, and Boost Your Zoom Presence. 



Reclaim Your Style  

A 5 day challenge that takes you through the simple steps to create your signature style.


Total value = $4144

But Your Investment is $997

Grab your spot now! (Space is limited.)

Best Value

Pay in full and save money



Easy Payment Plan

Make 4 payments



Early Bird Special!

Join by March 9th & save $100!

90 Day Style Refresh is right for you if you're...

  • Done wearing the same clothes that you don't like anymore, but you're not sure what else to wear. 
  • Unclear about what looks good or what you should be wearing at your age, on the job or in your life.
  • Often missing the mark with your outfits.
  • Tired of putting everyone and everything else before yourself.
  • Sick of settling for a style that doesn't light you up from the inside.

90 Day Style Refresh is not right for you if you...

  • Aren't interested in looking inward to update your outward appearance.
  • Prefer to rely on a subscription box algorithm to help you rediscover your style. 
  • Like buying random items of clothing that catch your eye instead of intentionally rebuilding a cohesive & versatile wardrobe. 
  • Would rather get help from a retail store sales associate who is focused on making a sale.
  • Don't care about wearing clothes that reflect your true beauty.

Questions You May Have

Why is it 90 days? That seems long.

This program is not a quick shop and sort where you buy a bunch of clothes and put together new outfits. (You will do that, but it’s not the heart of our work.) This program will give you a transformation. You will shift your way of thinking and change how you see yourself. This type of transformation — the kind that’s not just about your appearance, but impacts how you’re showing up in your life— requires a commitment to yourself. Ninety days is the perfect amount of time to see the results of a refreshed style from the inside out.

Why is it priced at $997? That seems like a lot. Especially if I can work with a Nordstrom personal shopper for free.

This program is not about buying new clothes. It's about how you feel in your clothes. You will tap into your true beauty (your essence) and express it to the world. The clothes are there to support you. Shopping is just one component of 90 Day Style Refresh. In fact, you may not even need new clothes. You may just need a fresh outlook on what you already own so you can wear it in new ways. This program will give you a fresh outlook that energizes not just your wardrobe, but how you feel in your life.

How is this different from the other style programs out there?

Most other style programs are pre-recorded material. This program is live— which means the content is dynamic & shaped to suit the women involved. While other programs are great at giving lots of information, the content is general to cater to everyone. In 90 Day Style Refresh, there are no generic shopping lists that tell you which pants or dress to buy. Each woman’s refresh will look different based on who she is and how she wants to show up. Personal style is not one size fits all, and this program celebrates the individuality of each woman.

Have other questions about 90 Day Style Refresh? Need help deciding if it's right for you?  Book A Call With Elysha!

Whether it's for yourself, to attract a partner, or to up your game at work... 

90 Day Style Refresh 

Shows you how to get dressed in confidence with a style that's 100% YOU

In just 90 days, rebuild & reboot your personal style so you have a wardrobe that looks current (to you now), feels comfortable (like a second skin!) and gives you confidence in the rest of your life.

You can continue doing what you've always done, wear the same thing and try to figure it out on your own... like an unsolved mystery. 

Or you can join today, say YES to doing things differently and get MAJOR SUPPORT in your breakthrough.  Plus this is more fun!

90 Day Style Refresh

 begins March 23rd 

(Bonus KickOff Call is March 16th + will be recorded)


Want Something Extra?

Go VIP & Get All The Above Plus...

  • 2 one on one calls (60 mins) with Elysha
  • Get Elysha's eyes, experience & natural talent to laser in on anything you choose.  The focus of these calls could be on your body shape, color palette, outfit feedback, styling ideas, shopping or brand suggestions... you decide! It's customized to YOU.  

VIP Investment: $1997 or 3 payments of $797

Join by March 9th and save $100!

Have questions about 90 Day Style Refresh? Need help deciding if it's right for you?  Book A Call With Elysha!

It’s interesting how you start working on one area of your life—like I did with my style— and then you see that you’re improving in other areas of your life. Which is what is happening in my career. I’m standing out in new ways.  It’s multidimensional and it all comes back to how you feel in your clothes.