As a writer for Fit Bottomed Zen and Fit Bottomed Girl, I contribute posts on yoga, meditation and personal growth.

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YogaCity Doyouyoga

As a contributor to YogaCity NYC and DoYouYoga, I write feature articles covering the yoga and wellness world.

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New Studio Opening! Jean Koerner's Bowery Yoga
Do You Know About Your Second Brain?
Sweat Yoga Where Rock Reigns Supreme
Studio Expansion: Loom Yoga Opens In Williamsburg
Woom Center Stimulates All Senses
Atmananda Gets A Lovely New Location
How Teacher Training Makes Me Better At My Non Yoga Job
Kula Opens In SoHo
Dancing The Gods
Bikram Comes Back To Brooklyn
The Millions Of Bacteria Inside You: Treat Them Well
Find The Voice, It Will Help You Move
Modern Meditation Is Everywhere
NYC Joins Hosh Yoga To Help Underprivileged
New Studio Opening! CommonBody
Practicing In The Clouds - Studio Expansion at CRS
New Studio: Sky Ting Yoga
A Workbook For The Modern Yogi
Free Classes For Those With Mental Illness
Live Jazz As An Anchor For Meditation
From Soup To Sangha
Clicking Into Kundalini--It's Not A Cult
Focus Your Devotion For The Holidays And The Rest Of The Year
7 Signs Your Practice Is Leading To A Yoga Transformation
Om For Sale: Meditation For The Biz Casual
Meet The Teach: Nyota Naya- Belly Dancer, Doula, Integral Trained Yogi 
Visit The South Bronx to Check Out This Cool Studio
6 Things Yogis Do To Look + Feel Awesome
7 Day Urban Meditation Retreat
How To Keep Calm And Carry On
How To Do Movement Meditation
Mudita Makes Clothes You Can Feel Good In Again 
 Shiva Rea's Got A New Book: Chats About Tending The Heart Fire 
Meet The Teach: Justin Ritchie : Moving Into The 24/7 World Of Yoga 
 Movement Meditation : It Works For The Body - What About The Mind? 
 Considering A Post-Holiday Cleanse?  Which One Is Right For You? 

As a yoga sleuth, I sample classes in New York City then write about it.

It's a great experience that allows me to try out all of the different yoga studios and teachers the city has to offer.

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Sound Off With Elian + David Zach Shemesh
Stronger, Clearer, Happier - LIFTED w/ Holly Rilinger
Everybody Flow with Erin Eloise - Bikram LES
Standing In Your Power With Kristin Calabria - Y7
Cleansing Mind and Body With Chelsea File - Modo Yoga
Visceral Vinyasa With Jordan Ashley - Woom Center
Subtle Shifts With Chris Temple - Earth Yoga
In The Fire With Megan Young - ISHTA Yoga
Options Abound With Cooper Chou - Pure Yoga
Affable Asana With Chrissy Carter -Yogaworks
Fire and Flow with Nicole Uribarri -Exhale
Retreat and Repeat With Hari Kaur -Hari NYC
Threading Consciousness Into The Body With Alex Cohen -East Yoga
Finding The Middle With Miriam Parker -The Three Jewels
Energizing Inside And Out With Mariel Reyes - Y7
Rest To Heal With Andrew Jones -Dharma Yoga Center
Feeling The Slow Burn With Margaret Mann -Kula Yoga Project
Healthy Non-Attachment With Chintamani Kansas - mang'Oh Yoga
A Practice That Fits With Dages Keates - Katonah Yoga
Alive and Energized With Lizzie Falkner- Laughing Lotus
Finding The Shapes With Brian Nygard- Yoga Vida
Reaching For Clarity With Jeffrey Villanueva- Jivamukti Yoga
Align The Movement With Peiling Junek - Kula Yoga Project
Break It All Down With Deidra Demons - East Yoga 
Stabilize Your Practice With Guillaume Brun - Modo Yoga NYC
An Unexpected Twist With Meg McNeal - Lyons Den Power Yoga
Sweat + Shift Your Body With Natalie Kuhn - The Class
Standing Strong With Jamie Lugo - Yoga Shanti
Early Morning Boost With Felix Gosse - Kundalini East
Naturally Aligned In A Neutral Spine With Rebecca Ketchum - Kula Yoga
Core Of The Practice With Erin McFarland - Twisted Trunk
Roadmap To A Well Rounded Practice With Julianna Takacs - The Shala
Mindfulness and Meows: Cat Yoga With Amy Apgar
Retreat In The City With Sarah Schumann - Brooklyn Grange
Lighten Up With Masako Miyakawa - Sacred Sounds Yoga
Renew Your Energy At The Class With Taryn Toomey
Staying Curious To Find The Magic With Katie Richey - Lyons Den Power Yoga
More Than Asana With Rachel Page - Prana Power Yoga
Sweat To Clarity With Karine Plantadit - Modo Yoga
Harmonize to Energize With Suzy Park - Strala Yoga
A Delightful Practice With Kevin Bigger - Kula Yoga Project
Sweating It Out With Sara Packard - Lyons Den Power Yoga
All The Essentials With Nora Heilmann - YogaWorks
Heart Celebration With Emily K Stone - Laughing Lotus
Let's Get Physical With Lindsay Hilscher - YogaWorks
Stabilizing From Within With Annie Piper - Kula Yoga Project
A Nuanced Practice With Megan Walsh - Bend & Bloom
Find Your Rhythm With Tatum Fjerstad - East Yoga
Calm In The Flow With Jillian Pransky - Yoga Works
Finding Tone In Balance With Dana Covello- Twisted Trunk
Getting Into the Bones of the Practice with Emily Bielagus- Shambhala East
Clear Space With Anya Porter - Kula Yoga Project
Setting The Foundation With Lindsay Ashmun - Bend & Bloom
Choose Your Own Adventure with Anna Gannon - Strala NYC
Connecting To The Pose with Cristina Tarantola - Yoga Union
Folding Into The Practice with Michelle Barge - Golden Bridge Yoga
A Fully Engaged Practice with Jai Giridhari - The Bhakti Center
Watching The Pose Reveal Itself with Magi Pierce - Kula Yoga Project
Start the Day with Susan Breslaoukhov- Yoga High
Wake Up with Eddie Teboul- Lucky Lotus
A Yoga Journal Moment with Tracy Mohr - Sonic Yoga
Internally Aligning with TaraMarie Perri
Lift Up and Let Go with Terri Bahr - Lyons Den Power Yoga
Warm Up Inside and Out with Aarona Pichinson - Yogaworks
Take Flight with Angelina Borodiansky- Om Factory
Anatomically Focused with Jen Whitney - East Yoga
Flow Into the Adventure with Johanna Bell- Sonic Yoga
Use the Breath to Let Go with Maria Cutrona - Go Yoga
Move in Meditation with Sangeeta Vallabhan - The Shala
Follow Your Breath with Jen Guarnieri - Kula Yoga Project
Heat Up, Tune In, Peace Out with Kendall Chaffee-Standish - Y7
Yoga on the Inside and Out with Justin Ritchie - Laughing Lotus

I loved writing the blog for The Little Flirt! Sexy lingerie and the women who wore it provided a solid foundation for fun topics.

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