Elysha and I "shopped" through my closet and reinvented my wardrobe - on FaceTime!

I was desperate for a closet clear out! I had clothes cluttering up my closet that I hadn't worn for years, and I was struggling whether to throw them out. I had shirts, skirts and pants that I liked, but couldn't quite figure out how best to wear them. Elysha helped me with all of that. In her Closet Clear Out, she helped me finally get rid of items that I was having a hard time parting with. She really has an eye for fashion. In our Closet Shop she put beautiful outfits together for me that I never would have thought of wearing. And  I was having so much fun I wanted to keep going even after my time had ended! Being on a FaceTime call didn't effect the quality of our time. It felt like Elysha was right in the room with me. She was so kind and fun to work with. I would highly recommend her, and her awesome closet cleanse!
–Marci Cheary, Owner Little Ideas Studio, mother of 2

Going through my closet with Elysha was energizing!

She brought her warmth and charm into my home and rejuvenated items in my closet. By the time she left I had so many "new outfits" all from my own wardrobe. Elysha is also an invaluable source to shop with, and fun to boot! She kept me on track, yet there was room for inspiration at the right moments. Elysha's shopping advice has influenced the way I shop now, so much so, that many of my bad shopping habits are no longer there.
–Kim Okochi, Writer, mother of 2

Elysha understands how lifestyle meets fashion and style, and considers the entire person when attacking the closet refresh.

She can work with any budget because she knows high fashion does not have to mean high credit card bills. She is warm, kind and real, and when you invite someone into your closet, which can be a very personal experience, you want to know it’s someone you can trust.
–Helen Polise, Executive Producer and Director muthership

Elysha changed my world - she literally transformed my closet!

Where I once thought I had nothing to wear, and was prepared to buy more, my session with Elysha revealed that I have a variety of current, comfortable outfits. She has an exquisite eye for style, a true understanding of the relationship between self and style, and is an all around extraordinary person to work with.
–Jamie Kesterson, Los Angeles, CA

Elysha’s styling talent has been a major contribution to the many photoshoots we’ve worked on together.

She has an exceptional sense of style, and brings a great energy to the set. I have witnessed many clients and models relax while working with Elysha as she ensures everyone looks amazing.
–Terry Doyle, Photographer,  New York

Before my closet refresh, I had some clothes that I really loved, but never quite knew how to wear them, or what to wear them with, or even if I should be wearing them.

With Elysha’s help, I was able to create so many new outfits with items I already had in my closet. I felt like I was shopping in my own stash of clothes!  Her years as a successful fashion stylist shine through in her very customized approach - her advice is based on my lifestyle, taste & body shape. Our session was so fun - it felt as if we were simply playing in my closet & the time went by much too quickly. Elysha’s energy is fantastic and infectious in the best possible way - fashion can be fun! I feel inspired by my clothes again and am back to being excited about my closet.
–Annika Howe, Producer and Founder TheProducer.com
Annika Howe

Elysha always comes to mind when I have real people portraits.

She’s got great taste and knows how to create one-of-a -kind outfits that will flatter any figure. Her upbeat energy is contagious, and she makes everyone feel comfortable and positive. Her wardrobe fittings are fun!
In the 5 years that I’ve been hiring Elysha, I’ve seen many people transformed by her styling.
–Rebecca Simpson Steele, Photo Director Reader’s Digest 

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I felt completely taken care of by Elysha as I sat on the couch in a trendy downtown Manhattan boutique that I NEVER knew existed.

Each time I came out of the dressing room, she knew immediately if the garment worked or not– but she also had a way of asking me what I thought. This let me know that my opinion mattered. Elysha helped me let go of my Sex and the City days to embrace the grown up, mother of 2 that I am today– but with style, and a little bit of glitter…because that won’t ever change, and she got that!
–Arul Goldman, Founder and Director SanaVita Center for Holistic Cleansing 

As a singer/songwriter who has been working in the music industry for years, I can say without a doubt that Elysha Lenkin is my favorite stylist to work with.

She has an exceptional eye for creating looks that are both relevant and forward thinking, and has helped me greatly in the development of my style and brand as a performer. Elysha is also lovely to work with, incredibly professional, and has an intuitive way of knowing and coming up with exactly what each client and circumstance desires.  I love working with her and plan on working with her for years to come.
Katy Pfaffl, Recording Artist and Broadway Actress

Thank you again for the best day of styling I’ve ever had. My goodness did you nail me!!

-Liz Vaccariello, Editor in Chief, Reader’s Digest
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I feel like I have way more to wear than ever before, and that’s after you helped me get rid of 5 extra-large bags of clothes!

You are so friendly and easy to spend time with. You have such a talent for breezing through an entire store, and identifying just a handful of things I should even spend time trying on. You have a nice standard for what warrants spending my money on.
The yoga piece can be hard to embrace before you experience it.  But once I experienced it, I agree that some mind cleansing and focusing really gets you in the mood for a positive closet cleansing experience.  Taking time to stretch and breathe and get in the moment elevates the purpose of sorting through clothes and making thoughtful decisions about what to buy and wear that make me feel pretty.
Thank you so much for your work with me over the last month!
Julie Shah, Business Accountant, mother of 3

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Stop Wearing The Same Old Thing!

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