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Conscious Uncoupling Isn’t As Weird As It Sounds

    Gwyneth Paltrow took a lot of slack when she consciously uncoupled from Chris Martin.
    Some say she couldn’t admit her marriage failed while others argue she didn’t want her separation to be ordinary.

    I say so what.
    No matter what you call it, divorce sucks.
    If elevating the term helped alleviate some pain for her family, then who cares what it’s called?

    Also, she brought the word conscious into the mainstream. While many may have heard the term before, how many truly considered its meaning?

    To perform any act consciously is to add awareness to the activity.
    And it can be done with anything.

    Here’s a list of a few conscious companies I found online.

    Conscious Capitalism
    Conscious Clubbing
    Conscious Chocolate
    Conscious Commerce
    Conscious Security
    Conscious Skincare
    Conscious Talk
    Conscious Travel
    Conscious Wholesale

    My life flows easier when I am fully aware — adding consciousness to my day.
    So when someone decides to put the prefix of conscious before their action, that tells me they’re seeking a better way.

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