Closet Revival

A virtual wardrobe purge party to clear the crap holding you back from showing up as (the real) YOU!  

Best experience ever!

I have tried MANY times to clear out my closet. This is the only program that has actually worked for me.


Finally! A structured system for attacking and conquering the closet! I never would've done this on my own.


What if your wardrobe had only GOOD OPTIONS?

This means you let go of the clothes you don’t wear, but keep for years because you want to prove to your partner you're not a money-waster

And you finally admit that if it’s been in your closet for over 20 years, and you haven’t worn it in this century…


When these items sit untouched in your closet, they become reminders of what’s no more...

...Clothes that used to fit.

....Money spent trying to look a certain way.

...Old faves that feel stuck in a time capsule.

By clearing these pieces, you create 


for who you are becoming.  

Are you ready to get rid of the clothes that make you feel old, outdated and not good about yourself?

Hit the button below, and reserve your spot at the purge party!

Rather than be burdened by what’s usually a laborious chore — the dreaded closet cleanout— let’s celebrate who you’ve become and let go of the clothes that no longer serve your evolution.
This closet clear out method is what I use with my one-on-one clients and dozens of previous purge party participants to streamline their styles and increase the versatility of their clothing so they have less stuff, but better outfit options. 
Elysha does a phenomenal job of bringing positive, high energy to what many of us may deem energy zapping and a chore. Her expertise, down to earth, engaging, inclusive, diverse and fun approach makes the time fly by where you wish it didn’t end.


If this is your normal, and you don’t want it to be...

The Closet Revival Could Be Your Next Step Towards An Inspired Wardrobe.

Especially if this sounds like you:

You spend hours trying on clothes that don’t fit or feel right.

Clearing unnecessary items from your wardrobe streamlines your choices, leaving you with fewer but better pieces. This makes it easier to get dressed quickly in the morning while sparing yourself the frustration that comes with trying on (too many of) the wrong clothes. 

You have a lot of clothes but only wear a few of them.

A pile-up of clothes gets in the way which makes it hard to see what you have. When you don’t know what’s there, you won’t wear it. You may be surprised by what you find hiding in the back behind the huge pile of unworn items!

You aren't sure if your clothes are still in style.

Our clothes can grow outdated. That’s why in the purge party I'll explain how to tell if your clothes are outdated so you can confidently choose what to keep and what to clear.

Everyday you look in your closet and see nothing to wear.

The instructions given prior to each clear out were extremely valuable in helping to make the decisions of what to toss/keep.


You need to understand why you're keeping things before you can effectively clear your closet, and you will be guided and supported through this process.


A reset for your style and self confidence...

You'll get expert guidance, clear action steps, and personalized insights that will combine to shape your curated wardrobe for 2024 and beyond.

Here's what you'll do in the Closet Revival:

Assess your clothing to see what works, what doesn’t work and what’s missing.

I'll show you a fresh way to look at your wardrobe, so you can uncover the key pieces that align with your personal style (and those that don't.)

Clarify with conviction

While the choice is simple - to clear or wear - the process of deciding can feel complex. I'll help you cut through the confusion with straightforward, easy-to-follow guidance so you can make the tough decisions with clarity and confidence (including what to do with those hard to clears like sentimental pieces, gifts and expensive items).

Edit, refine and simplify

Once you decide what to clear and what to wear, you'll work through your wardrobe, placing the 'wears' back in your closet, and the 'clears' by the door. (I'll provide you with the next steps for what to do with your 'clears'.)

You can also expect great music, a fantastic community and a party vibe!


I wish I could describe this experience, you deserve to go down this path and see where it takes you. It goes way beyond anything superficial, I feel like a changed person. This is freeing, and has brought a sense of calm to my closet and streamlined my mornings...huge!!. The value here is priceless


Insightful and inspirational — Time flew so fast!


You'll have fun dancing as you clear out your closet to make space for who you are now and what feels really good. Oh and btw, it's not just about your clothes.


Whoaaaaa!!! WHAT a bucket load of detailed information and practical strategic steps towards gently washing away the clutter in my closet of garments that no longer SUPPORT the ME, I am... TODAY.


Fabulous experience! I had no idea what to expect, but I got my closet cleaned out, and I had a fun time!


I did not expect this to be such an emotional experience. The first clean out was fun and light, the second felt heavier, going beneath the surface, in a good way. The third really cemented where I am going and how I want to show up. I was also not expecting this value for the cost!

Meet Elysha

Hi! I’m Elysha and I’ve helped thousands of women feel confident about how they look.

Since I got my start styling NYC commercial shoots for big brands, magazines and celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Entertainment Weekly, O The Oprah Magazine, Tina Fey, Serena Williams, and Working Mother, I’ve spent over 10k hours working with women and their wardrobes!

My approach to personal style is LESS IS MORE because I believe that having less clothes (but the RIGHT clothes) will give you more outfit options AND help you feel calmer and more confident in your life.

The way I see it, your clothing and accessories are tools to support you. When styled well, you feel uplifted and energized. When your clothes are wrong, you feel inadequate, confused and frustrated.

In the Closet Revival, I help you clearly see what belongs in your wardrobe so you have only clothes that highlight the REAL YOU!

I'm no longer like OMG I need a whole new wardrobe! Because I see I have a lot of really great stuff. 


I would look in my wardrobe, and have all these clothes, and think, I don’t have anything to wear, I need to buy new clothes.

Now I’m no longer like OMG I need a whole new wardrobe! Because I see I have a lot of really great stuff. Also now that I’m seeing my wardrobe differently, I’m putting my clothes together differently.

Lori now has a range of go-to outfits (from her own closet) that she mixes up and accessorizes with ease...

Having put on 10 lbs since the summer I have been feeling really yucky and picking out my outfits is just miserable.

Thanks to your help, I now have a group of clothes that I can make outfits easily and feel comfortable and confident. And I don’t have to keep trying on things that are too tight, getting depressed and hating my recently expanded butt and hips (which is where my weight goes). 



I feel like I have way more to wear than ever before, and that’s after getting rid of 5 extra-large bags of clothes!



I now have a clear understanding as to why my closet was in the condition it was. It was great to get advice on how to transform my closet into a place I enjoy visiting.


Reshape Your Closet From A Pile Of Frustration Into A Thoughtfully Curated Wardrobe

Here's how it works:

Step 1 

Make your purchase and receive a confirmation email with the log-in details. 

Step 3 

Get into your closet, and let go of the stuff that’s no longer you. You’ll end up with several bags of clothes to donate or trash.

 Step 2 

Show up Jan.20, 2024, 12pm - 4pm ET. Be ready to clear your closet and connect with other women who share the same goal — a streamlined style.

 Thanks to the closet cleanout, I now feel like I have so much choice in my wardrobe! 


Here's what's included

You get a fun and celebratory container to clear your closet so you're motivated to do the work, and energized to get the job done.

4 Hour Group Zoom Call 

We'll have three rounds of closet clearing, interspersed with periods of expert guidance, community connection, and water breaks.

Guided Instruction & Best Clearing Practices

From working with thousands of women, I've developed a proven method for refining wardrobes that honors each person's unique style. I know that there's no 'one size fits all' solution when it comes to personal style, and that's why my approach is so effective.

Closet Clear Out Playbook

  • For those who learn visually and like to write stuff down, this will provide you with visual support to put your insights into action and shape your 2024 style.

Purge Party Playlist

Energizing, delightful and yours to keep. Previous purge party participants ALL agree the music was an INCREDIBLE asset.

Call Recording 

In case you want to do it again on your own another time!

And for a limited time only, you get this special bonus...

A private session with me!

Purchase your purge party ticket by Dec. 10th at 11:59 pm EST to secure an exclusive 30-minute Zoom call where we'll design your personalized styling strategy for fewer clothes, more outfit options, and a style that's aligned with your next stage of life!

Let's DO THIS!

Closet Revival

January 20th, 2024 12pm - 4pm EST

Make 2 payments:

$115 x 2 

Make 1 payment:


Need a closet cleanout, but you prefer to work one-on-one? Book a call with Elysha to discuss the other options that are available to help you transform your wardrobe and update your style.

Taking time to sort through my clothes was huge!

There was so much in there that I had forgotten about— some that I still loved! But most needed to go. Now when I get dressed, I’m no longer overwhelmed. I feel inspired by my clothes again and am back to being excited about my closet.


Your 2024 style may ALREADY be in your closet! 

It’s just been bogged down behind old identities, attachment issues, previous sizes and scarcity mindsets.When you’ve got too many old clothes getting in the way, you can’t see what you have. So you think you have nothing to wear, and feel like you must buy more. But shopping exacerbates the issue creating more confusion and clutter.

It can be daunting to go into your overgrown closet.

But if you want guidance and direction to clear the crap out of your closet so you can simplify your wardrobe and wear what you have more effectively...

This is the time!

Harness the energy of the new year and the cyclical nature of the season which is ripe for shedding the things that no longer serve you.

"I now see that I have been hanging on to clothing because it reminds me of one of my previous lives or one of my family members who have passed away. It's okay to keep a few things or some things in a box, but not closets full of things. Maybe I needed the permission to pass these things on to others? And you gave me that."


Why Now Is The Time For Your Closet Revival

  • You’re drowning in your wardrobe and the pile isn't getting any smaller on its own. 
  • You’re fed up with rummaging through your closet to find something to wear. 
  • You’re tired of not feeling as put together as you want to be.
  • You’re on the brink of change and need to align your style with your next stage.
  • Your closet is a hodgepodge because many pieces you are drawn to buying don't work for you. 
  • You've spent too much money on clothes you don't wear and it's time to LET THOSE PURCHASES GO.

You don't need this if:

  • You wear everything in your wardrobe.
  • You don’t have access to your clothing. 
  • You’ve recently done a big purge.
  • You're not interested in streamlining your style.

Past Purge Party Participants experienced incredible results, like this:

Amazement at how much they actually pared down. They felt lighter at the end.
Making a stronger first impression because their clothes are aligned with the way they want to present themselves. 
Having less stuff, but seeing more style options which makes it easier to get dressed (and love their outfits!)

Crystal clarity on what belongs in their wardrobes and what doesn’t.

The philosophy and strategies Elysha shared on closet clearouts was helpful! She articulated a few different ways that really resonated with me, and her approach was such a beautiful interweaving of self-love, celebration of self, fun, and experimentation. It has you dig in to understand your relationship to clothing and self and the world. I really loved how clarifying that was!


Questions You May Have

When does the Closet Revival take place?

Saturday January 20th, 2024 at 12pm - 4pm EST on Zoom.

Why is it 4 hours long?

The 4-hour duration is all about getting the job done. It gives you enough time to thoroughly examine your closet and make thoughtful decisions. And based on past purge party participants, after clearing for this amount of time you can expect multiple bags of clothing to leave your house by the end.

Why should I join when I can do a closet cleanout on my own?

Registering for this event means committing to an effective and actionable plan to conquer your closet. Plus it really is a party vibe — you'll actually have fun while getting the job done!

Do I need to attend the entire session?

If you want to achieve your goal of streamlining your wardrobe, then I recommend attending the entire session. If you have to leave early, there will be a recording available to watch on demand.

What is the refund policy?

This is a final purchase since the call is recorded. By choosing to invest in the 4 Hour Closet Revival, you’re committing to yourself and your desire to level-up in your life. By backing out of this purchase, you are backing out on yourself. It's for this reason your purchase is non-refundable.

Will we spend 4 straight hours cleaning our closets?

No. The 4 hours is split into sections of instruction, community connection and time on your own to clear your closet. 

Will Elysha make shopping recommendations for me?

You will create a shopping list based on the clothing you clear out and what you notice is missing. Elysha will not make personal shopping recommendations.

What if your daily life looked like this...

  • You wanted to wear everything in your closet
  • Getting dressed was effortless
  • You quickly see what's right for you and clear the rest
  • You’re confident in your clothes and inspire those around you


See what others said after attending previous wardrobe Purge Parties

Elysha's Closet Revival was the best — so much fun and seriously life changing for me!


Do it!!! It will be cathartic, energizing, emotional and fun all at the same time! I left the 4 HR Closet Revival completely exhausted from the physical (and I do crossfit) and yes emotional journey. Yet, invigorated with a clearer sense of how my clothes can support me, my non-negotiables, defining who I am and having my wardrobe choices align to my definition so I have more energy, focus and clarity on various levels.


I knew this would be good but had no idea it would be so fun and I'd end the afternoon feeling lighter, freer and highly productive! I cleared out my shoes/boots in about 20 minutes this morning. It was not painful to let go of items that are lovely and in great condition when I realized they're connected to an old version of me. It's wonderful to not feel the items "own" me!


I was surprised at how much I got done and how good it made me feel about myself.


The 4 hours slid by with great ease. 

Elysha's Closet Revival was, first of all, SUPER organized and clearly well thought out.  The 4 hours slid by with great ease as the workshop was broken down into clear sections, each easing into the next.  There were just enough breaks to give us an opportunity to hydrate, have a bite to eat, use the bathroom, etc.  Connecting with the other women in the group felt incredibly supportive (and fun!) and provided a great sense of community. And the BONUS was that we all really got down to business, cleared away some clothes from our closets to make more space to utilize what DOES serve us. Elysha played a really fun and energizing playlist of music while we did our closet clean outs on our own, and she provided us with helpful resources as far as what to do with the items we decided NOT to keep and places we can donate and or sell things online.

It was truly a valuable experience!! I’d like to say a very special THANK YOU to Elysha for her time and the nurturing she put into helping us shed some layers to step into the next best version of ourselves!

Arul Goldman

Health Coach