Declutter your wardrobe, 

Create more space in your life

Best experience ever!

I have tried MANY times to clear out my closet.

This is the only program that has actually worked for me.


Imagine having crystal clarity on what belongs in your wardrobe and what doesn’t...

This means: 
You want to wear everything, it all fits and you’ve gotten rid of the clothes that make you feel old, outdated and not good about yourself.
You have less stuff, but see more style options so you get dressed easily in clothes you love.
You make a strong first impression because your clothes are aligned with the way you want to present yourself.  

In the Closet Revival you will learn:

  • The right questions to ask yourself for maximum clearing
  • How to tell if your clothes are outdated
  • The 2 factors every item of clothing must meet
  • The clearing techniques that make it easy to let stuff go

Get ready to let go of everything that doesn’t serve who you are today and where you’re going in life so that you feel LIGHTER and have more CONFIDENCE in your style!

Whoaaaaa!!! WHAT a bucket load of detailed information and practical strategic steps towards gently washing away the clutter in my closet of garments that no longer SUPPORT the ME, I am... TODAY.

I can literally slide my hangers back and forth with plenty of space to actually see what’s in there! I feel lighter and unburdened. I realize now that by having less I actually have MORE because I can see and access and utilize the things I DO have.  

Arul Goldman

Health Coach

Lori now has a range of go-to outfits (from her own closet) that she mixes up and accessorizes with ease...

Having put on 10 lbs since the summer I have been feeling really yucky and picking out my outfits is just miserable.

Thanks to your help, I now have a group of clothes that I can make outfits easily and feel comfortable and confident. And I don’t have to keep trying on things that are too tight, getting depressed and hating my recently expanded butt and hips (which is where my weight goes). 


Reshape Your Closet From A Pile Of Frustration Into A Thoughtfully Curated wardrobe

Here's how it works:

Step 1 

Make your purchase and receive a confirmation email with access to the program. 

Step 3 

Get into your closet, and let go of the stuff that’s no longer you. You’ll end up with several bags of clothes to donate or trash.

 Step 2 

Download the playbook, turn on the playlist and press play on the recorded session.

I would look in my wardrobe, and have all these clothes, and think, I don’t have anything to wear, I need to buy new clothes.

Now I’m no longer like OMG I need a whole new wardrobe! Because I see I have a lot of really great stuff. Also now that I’m seeing my wardrobe differently, I’m putting my clothes together differently.

 Thanks to the Closet Revival, I now feel like I have so much choice in my wardrobe! 


Closet Revival Includes:

  • Recorded Session
  • Guided Instruction & Best Clearing Practices
  • Closet Clear Out Playbook
  • Purge Party Playlist


The philosophy and strategies Elysha shared on closet clearouts was helpful! She articulated a few different ways that really resonated with me, and her approach was such a beautiful interweaving of self-love, celebration of self, fun, and experimentation. It has you dig in to understand your relationship to clothing and self and the world. I really loved how clarifying that was!


Taking time to sort through my clothes was huge!

There was so much in there that I had forgotten about— some that I still loved! But most needed to go. Now when I get dressed, I’m no longer overwhelmed. I feel inspired by my clothes again and am back to being excited about my closet.

Annika Howe

This is for you if:

  • You spend hours trying on clothes that don’t fit or feel right
  • You have a lot of clothes but only wear a few of them
  • You hold onto items “just in case” you need them one day 
  • You worry if your clothes are still in style

  • Your lifestyle changed, but your wardrobe is still the same

This is not for you if:

  • You love everything in your wardrobe
  • You don’t have access to your clothing 
  • You’re not interested in streamlining your style
  • You've recently done a big wardrobe purge and don't have anything left to clear (although you may surprised at what you'll let go of once you dig deep!)

Meet Elysha

Hi! I’m Elysha and I’ve been in the business of helping women feel incredible about how they look for over 20 years. I’ve styled NYC commercial shoots for big brands, magazines and celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Entertainment Weekly, O The Oprah Magazine, Tina Fey, Serena Williams, and Working Mother.

Now, my focus is on helping real women, like you. My goal is for you to feel inspired by your style so you show up more confidently in life and become an inspiration to those around you.

In the Closet Revival, I show you how to make better choices with your clothing so you feel excited by your wardrobe and energized in the rest of your life.

Questions You May Have

Is this a live program?

No, this program is a recording.

How long is the session?

The program is split into 3 sections — instruction, community connection and closet clearing. To respect the privacy of the participants, the community connection has been edited out of this recording. Plan on watching the instruction, getting the assignment and then you will pause the recording to go into your closet and do the work for about 30 minutes. You will do 3 rounds of this.

What is the refund policy?

This is a final purchase. By choosing to invest in the Closet Revival, you’re committing to yourself and your desire to level-up in your life. By backing out of this purchase, you are backing out on yourself. It's for this reason your purchase is non-refundable. Plus you will have this recording for life so you can do it whenever you want!

What would your daily life look like if:

  • You wanted to wear everything in your closet
  • Getting dressed was effortless
  • You quickly see what's right for you and clear the rest
  • You’re confident in your clothes and inspire those around you

It’s interesting how you start working on one area of your life—like I did with my style— and then you see that you’re improving in other areas of your life. Which is what is happening in my career. I’m standing out in new ways. It’s multidimensional and it all comes back to how you feel in your clothes.