What Fall 2019 Trends Will You Wear?

What Fall 2019 Trends Will You Wear?

Fall trends you'll want to wear. Clothing hanging on a rack.

For the fall 2019 trends, you’ll see much of what you’ve seen in previous years. Plaid, leather, and utilitarian styles continue to show strong for the coming months. 

Fall 2019 trends. Women crossing the street in NYC wearing a blazer and dark floral pants.

But rather than focus on the big trends, as I went through the collections, I paid more attention to the themes that emerged. I asked myself which styles make sense for me and my clients. Because I don’t care if it’s covered in a Top 10 Fashion Trend piece, or not. I just need the look to be relevant to what me and my clients want to wear.

For example, the resurgence of 90s feminine grunge is irrelevant to us. On the flip side, sharp suiting and leopard prints make more sense for our lifestyles. And the fact that they’re ON TREND doesn’t mean much aside from the fact there’ll be more shopping opportunities for wardrobe updates. The stores like to load up on those styles that have been declared a trend.

Click play to watch the video where I take you through the 5 trends that I’ll be incorporating for myself and my clients this season. Make sure to watch to the end where I share the brand that nailed every single look.

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Going Monochromatic

I’ve been preaching the benefits of a monochromatic look forever. It’s naturally slimming, effortlessly chic and simple to assemble. Once you’ve chosen the color, add the matching garments to the mix!

Monochrome With A Pop

Bold colors are big for fall with neon, purple and pistachio leading the way. I love wearing a monochromatic or tonal look, and then adding in an unexpected color or print. Also note, the boot style this season is slouchy and to the knee. 

Dark Florals

The floral trend never goes away. It’s a staple for spring summer, and more recently we’ve seen this darker variation for fall winter. What I love about this version is its versatility. Wear it to work with a blazer on top. Make it your fall wedding guest dress with a stunning pair of heels. 

Fun Sweaters

When is it ever not a good idea to put on a playful knit? Whether it’s with a dynamic print or a mesmerizing color, this is a statement I’ll continue to wear for years end. 

Chic Fleece

What makes this fleece different than your regular Patagonia pick? It’s the way you wear it. Play off the cozy vibe with modern or feminine pieces. I’ll be buying this tiger print number for sure!

Eye Catchers

Here’s a few more things that caught my eye from the fall 2019 trends.

The scarves at Zimmermann.

The denim and white blouse combos at Apiece Apart and Chloe.

And the most wearable collection was from Apiece Apart. Every piece felt so modern and was something I see myself wearing in the colder months.

Click here to see my favorite picks from this collection!

Fall trends you'll want to wear. Clothing hanging on a rack.

Which fall 2019 trends make sense for you?

And click here to learn how to have a signature style.

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