Beachy Waves The Natural Way (Yet Not Totally Green)

Beachy Waves The Natural Way (Yet Not Totally Green)

Obviously the most natural way to achieve beachy waves is to get them at the beach. Simply jump in the ocean, wet your head with saltwater, scrunch up some curls with your fingers, and then don’t touch your hair until it’s dry.

But since I’m not at the beach every time I do my hair (though I will be next week!), I needed a more versatile solution to get the look.

The real key to beachy waves is having dirty hair. I am one of the fortunate who can go days without a wash. I’ve got friends, however, who get too greasy without shampooing daily.

For shampoo, use one that’s curl enhancing.
Full disclosure: I couldn’t write this post in my going green series. My curly shampoo is loaded with ingredients. While many are botanically enriched…others not so much, like fragrance, along with a host of difficult to pronounce names. Even though Colorproof TruCurl doesn’t come up on the EWG database, I have learned enough about safe cosmetics to know that when a product has a long list of ingredients…it’s not good news.

Regardless, I don’t shampoo too often, and it does get rinsed out of my hair. My leave-in products fare much better — DevaCare One Condition, Harmon Argan Oil and Lavett & Chin Sea Salt Texturizing Mist.

I mix the conditioner and argan oil together on a wet head then separate my hair into twisty pieces. The sea salt mist gets added for a beachy finish, mostly to the roots and ends for a little separation. The most important step is to let your hair air-dry without touching it at all.

When I’m ready to go green on shampoo, my hair stylist suggested Rahua -it scores super low on the database.

For now, I’ll remember that cleaning up my beauty routine is a process. I’m not looking for a quick fix, but one that stays with me for the long haul. While I try to swap out products that are toxic or unhealthy, it’s not an all or nothing affair. Knowledge is power and awareness is the first step towards change.

What hair products are you using this summer?

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  1. Maia says:

    I have to admit I carry a perm. My hair is naturally straight and two years ago (wow, its been that long), I finally decided to get a perm. I go every 3 months to maintain it. And as much as it is not ‘green’, I do love my curls. it’s easier for me to maintain because I really do not need to fix it. Scrunch it up and ta-da!
    There’s a product by Schwarzkopf, Q10Plus and göt2B. Q10 is green and göt2b is not so. göt2b works really well for my curls though – oilicious shampoo and conditioner then the leave in spray get, kinkier. they have such funny names lol

    I even tried salon green products but after two years of experimenting, my curls love göt2b. And because it’s permed, wet the hair with my hands and out I go. xo

  2. Maia, I’ve thought about getting a perm — I love super curly hair! I used to have one back in the 80s when everyone did…I bet they smell better now then they did then. I went over to that site for got2B…you’re right, they do have funny names! And as far as using products that aren’t green, it’s hard to switch when you’ve found something your curls love…I’m in the same boat! Though I have to say the crazy humidity we’ve been having is doing nothing good for the frizz! x x PS: Hey I’m coming to Canada next week! Do you know any good yoga studios in Vancouver? Or is that totally not near you at all ?

  3. Maia says:

    Look for YYoga. They have studios everywhere in Vancouver so you may have one near where you’ll be staying. These folks hosted my 200-hour teacher training. Have fun there! xo

  4. Thanks, Maia! I just searched YYoga and there is one 2.5 miles away…will try to get there during my trip. x o

  5. Maia says:

    I hope you have fun there! xo

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