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Get Ready To Look In The Mirror And Say...
Yeah, I Look Gooood!

Get Styled In A Wardrobe That Makes You Look In The Mirror And Say...Yeah I Look Gooood!

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It's Time To Stop Wasting Energy Wondering What To Wear...

And having a mismatch between how you look and how you want to look.

Because you make mistakes. 

Like buying the wrong pants since you don't know which kind will work for you.

And wearing the same shoes and skirts that you bought 10 years ago because you have no idea how to update your look to match who you are today.

What you need is a plan that gets you back to being the woman who knows how to put herself together.

Imagine This

  • Waking up each day knowing exactly what to wear that makes you feel confident and stylish.
  • Feeling excited about your style and enthusiastic to show it off to the world.
  • Getting noticed by others and complimented on how you look.


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The Style Blueprint is a one of a kind experience that gives you the satisfaction of knowing that what you wear will make you look like the stylish woman you've always wanted to be.

This personalized report, based on YOUR body, YOUR taste, and YOUR lifestyle, shows you the best styles and silhouettes so you easily put together outfits that highlight who you are, and flatter your figure.

With the Style Blueprint, I incorporate my understanding of how you want to look into a plan so you'll no longer wonder if what you're wearing works! You'll know how to dress yourself in right-for-YOU clothes while being fully confident in your choices.

The Style Blueprint Will Help You:

  • Understand your body shape and familiarize yourself with the styles and silhouettes that suit you best so you easily know what to wear.
  • Zero in on what you like so you're 100% clear about your signature look, and how to bring it to life into a style that's yours. 
  • Become a better shopper so you only buy items you'll want to wear because they make you look good.
  • Feel put together and confident. You'll feel more like yourself as your style becomes a true reflection of who you are.

How It Works:

This personalized report from your online stylist will refine your style with a plan to get you feeling good in your clothes, all the time!

STEP 1: Buy your Style Blueprint by clicking the red STYLE ME button on this page. From there you will be taken to my calendar to reserve your time. We do not connect during this time slot. (I already have everything I need after you complete step two!) This is so you know when I’ll be working on your Blueprint, and also that I never over-book. Your Blueprint will arrive by the end of the week of your scheduled time.

STEP 2: Your booking confirmation email will include a link to the Blueprint Questionnaire; a series of prompts and questions to help you dig deep to gain clarity around your body shape, your taste and your lifestyle. 

STEP 3: I put together your personalized report which details the right silhouettes for your body and how to balance your proportions while looking vibrant in your clothes.  

STEP 4: You receive your personalized report, the Style Blueprint as a PDF. This tell-all guide shows you what to wear that flatters your body, fits your personality and makes sense for your life. It includes a description of your shape along with outfit suggestions for your most flattering looks. Also included is a tailoring guide catered to your body so you can create your best fit.

STEP 5: You read your report and refine your style to exude a new level of confidence in how you look! Getting dressed will no longer induce stress. You'll always know what to wear that makes you look your best. 

What Other's Say...

style blueprint


Before the Style Blueprint I didn’t know what my style was. I thought I was just a mom who needed to get out the door looking as polished as possible. But now, after this experience with Elysha, I have uncovered my identity. I have a new understanding of my body and who I am, and what I like to wear. And I see that improving my appearance doesn’t require a lot of effort because I know what clothes look good on me, and how to put it all together into a style that’s mine.

Jessica Loparco
New York, NY


style blueprint

GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thanks Elysha for taking the time and personal care to help me establish my style! Your Style Blueprint was an exciting, informative and fun experience. You are so full of knowledge. and your feedback was on target. I love having my Style Blueprint as a personal resource for all my future shopping.

Beth Sworobuk

Washington DC

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style blueprint
style blueprint
Elysha's years as a successful fashion stylist shine through in her very customized approach - her advice is based on lifestyle, taste & body shape. Her energy is fantastic and infectious in the best possible way. She shows that fashion can be fun! I feel inspired by my clothes again and am back to being excited about my closet.

Annika Howe
New York, NY

would you rather be rocking a refined new look, or still wearing the same old clothes from 10 years ago...don't get stuck in that rut!

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