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Ready For Less Closet  Stress And More Outfits

That Make You Feel FAB?

I can help you with this as your personal stylist online!

Do you have a closet full of clothes weighing you down?  Maybe your wardrobe literally makes you look (and feel!) heavier. 

Or perhaps the bulk of your garments are more suited for a previous time in your life.

By holding on to this stuff, you've created a physical block. This block is made up of all your outdated and unworn clothes, and it's getting in the way of styling yourself to feel like a million bucks.


  The Holistic Closet Cleanout DIY Guide is for you!

As a professional stylist on photoshoots, commercials and with private clients for more than 20 years, I've worked with women of all shapes and sizes. I've showed them how to style themselves in a wardrobe that flatters their body, fits their personality, and makes sense for their lives.

I created the Holistic Closet Cleanout as the foundation for your renewed style. When you switch out your ineffective wardrobe for one that consists only of items that fit you now, you will feel lighter and look brighter. You'll exude a glow-y confidence from knowing that what you're putting on makes you look really, really good. And by knowing what to wear, you'll have more ease around getting dressed each day. Your style will become effortless.

Those days of stressing in front of your closet (and throwing stuff allover the place in frustration ) will be gone. You will spend less time wondering what to wear because your closet contains only items that make you happy. Then when you get dressed each day, you will feel happiness because you'll finally have the wardrobe that represents who you want to be.

HOLISTIC closet cleanout

A one hour virtual styling session - me, you, your closet + tons of possibility.

​As your personal stylist online I'll teach you to discern which items in your closet must go so you're left with clothes you love and want to wear. I'll also show you How to style yourself every day so you know exactly what to Put On that makes you look and feel 100% your best.


In This service You'll...

  • Learn how to shop your closet so you don't have to spend so much money buying new things. You probably already have enough!  
  • Quickly see that by letting go of all that no longer serves you now, you're making space for the woman you want to be.
  • Feel lighter by getting the unnecessary items out of your home.
  • Be inspired by your wardrobe. You'll have fun showing off your style since you'll be crystal clear on what to wear, and what you must do to look freakin' awesome.


  Holistic Closet Cleanout is for you if...

  • You have plenty of clothes, yet you wear the same old thing everyday! You can't be bothered to do better because you can't even see what's in your closet.
  • You lack the confidence to say which items no longer fit and / or flatter your body and lifestyle. Plus you have no idea how to put your clothes together to make outfits you actually feel excited to wear.
  • You hold onto everything - the stuff you used to wear that’s no longer appropriate and the stuff you hope to wear someday when you’ve lost the weight, or have the perfect occasion. You just can't let it go!
  • Your style feels blah. It doesn't look like you. 

  How It Works...

  • BOOK YOUR SESSION: After you complete your Holistic Closet Cleanout purchase, you'll receive your Style Qs, a simple questionnaire to help me know you better. 
  •  DO YOUR PREP: You'll also receive your Holistic Closet Cleanout workbook. This contains a series of prompts to tune you into the way you want to look while giving guidance on what you must do to make it happen.
  • COMPLETE YOUR PRE-SESH: Before we meet, you'll do a bit of prep with your wardrobe to get set up for our work together. 
  • WE MEET VIRTUALLY: It's time to meet your personal stylist online. This is when I'll show you how to make yourself look fab and feel like a million bucks.

What To Expect During Your Online Stylist Session...

Online Personal Stylist

To try stuff on so I can use my pro stylist eyes to determine what to keep, what to let go, and how to style what you already own.

To learn how to dress for your body type so you wear what fits and flatters you now.

New outfits! And new ways to wear what is currently in your closet. 

Action piles for the clothes that don't serve so you can get them out of your home right away! You'll also receive a resource list of where to donate or sell your stuff.

You Will Learn How To Style Yourself Everyday To Look + Feel 100% Your Best

The Holistic Closet Cleanout is also available in person for those living in New York City. 

Or are you more of a DIY kind of person? If so, then you'll love the Holistic Closet Cleanout DIY Guide!

What Others Have Said About Elysha's Holistic Closet Cleanout 

holistic closet cleanout

 Arul Goldman 

 Founder SanaVita, Mother of 2 

Elysha’s Holistic Closet Cleanout is not just about making room in your closet... which it will! I can literally slide my hangers back and forth with plenty of space to actually see what’s in there! But more than that it’s about identifying who you are today, with love and acceptance. And finally letting go of who you once were or think you should be. Not only did Elysha’s system help me to unload and let go of the physical crap that no longer serves me and literally holds me back and weighs me down, it lifted me. I literally feel lighter and unburdened. I realize now that by having less I actually have MORE because I can see and access and utilize the things I DO have.  

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