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3 Steps To Revamp Your Fall Style

Get the top tips from my 20+ year fashion styling career to help nail down what you wear in the new season!

Join me LIVE for this FREE online masterclass and I'll walk you through how to:

Find your signature look

Make the best use of your existing wardrobe 

Create the outfit formulas right for you

Whether you’re stuck in a rut, or you don't look as put together as you like... this class will show you how to elevate your style so you stop wasting time (& money!) on clothes you'll never wear.

“This was one of our best events. Elysha was so clear, positive, and nonjudgmental. She provided oodles of pragmatic approaches to forming a signature style while being positive and inspirational. Thank you for this presentation!”

Hi, I'm Elysha Lenkin. 

I'll help revamp your style.

style reinvention

I've been in the business of making women look and feel incredible for 25 years—styling women in all shapes and sizes including Tina Fey, Carrie Underwood and Serena Williams.

Now I help everyday women —like YOU— feel like superstars in their lives.

Let me ask you something: have you ever felt like nothing looks good? Or that you don't know how to put together stylish outfits? Or that you're sick of wearing the same thing all the time?

You want to dress better, but you're not sure how...

Join me in this masterclass.

I'll show you how!

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