for midlife career women

The Style Statement Sessions

Get your customized plan to look amazing in your clothes!

I’m owning the zoom-room and I know it’s these clothes! When I go to my closet, it's like boom, boom, boom, boom — I know exactly what to put on.”


Wouldn’t it be easier if someone could just tell you what looks good on you? 

Then you can close the gap between your current wardrobe and your desired image. 

But the way things are now — your clothing isn’t doing its job. Instead of enhancing your confidence, it diminishes it. That’s why you have moments of self doubt. You can’t tell what looks good on you anymore!

And since you always have other things to focus on like work, family and friends— you keep postponing your personal style. So the gap between how you ASPIRE to look and how you ACTUALLY look grows larger.

It’s time to elevate your style so you can command the next stage of your life!

Outfits Curated Just For You

(Say goodbye to your boring style!)

The Style Statement Sessions are a customized experience that show you how to look amazing for every occasion!  
I will deeply listen to you about how you want to look and I will take my exceptional skill sets to inspire and uplift your own capabilities. Using color, styles and silhouettes, you'll see how to close the gap between what you currently wear and what you aspire to wear.
The Style Statement Sessions are a customized experience that show you how to look amazing for every occasion!  
I will deeply listen to you about how you want to look and I will take my exceptional skill sets to inspire and uplift your own capabilities. Using color, styles and silhouettes, you'll see how to close the gap between what you currently wear and what you aspire to wear.

Get Expert Guidance On Looking GREAT!

In the Style Statement Sessions, you'll receive the essential elements to elevate your style which include: 

Individualized body type review so you know how to highlight your unique shape

I'll do a thorough assessment of your measurements and proportions to determine the styles and silhouettes that flatter you most.

Customized color palette made up of your most complimentary colors

I'll analyze your coloring so you wear only colors that look amazing on you!

Expertly outlined and illustrated style goals

I'll give you detailed outfit examples tailored to your individual body shape showcasing key elements to incorporate into your looks. You'll see how to have the style you've always wanted!

3 personalized outfit reviews

I'll identify the strengths and areas of improvement in your outfits based on achieving your style goals so you leave the call feeling empowered to put together new looks with what you already own.

Personalized Styling Vision Board

Blend what you love with what looks good to open up new possibilities for your personal style!

2 virtual styling consultations

Tailored to fit your busy schedule!

Plus this special bonus!

Your Signature Statement: a personalized set of keywords that serve as a style north star to help you make confident, informed choices when shopping and getting dressed. It's the perfect accompaniment to the Style Statement Sessions!

Here's How It Works (3 Easy Steps)

Step 1

Make your purchase and receive a confirmation email linking to your Style Discovery Quiz. This is where you’ll share your style details (measurements, preferences and photos) so I get a clear picture of your current style which is essential to bridge the gap from where you’re at today to where you want to be.

Step 3

We'll meet for two consultations on Zoom and I'll show you how to confidently dress for your next stage of life. You'll leave the sessions knowing what to include in your outfits so you can start putting together new looks immediately. The call is recorded for your on-demand review.

Step 2

After submitting your Style Discovery Quiz, you’ll receive the link to schedule your first call. This is when I get to work behind the scenes outlining your customized guidelines to refresh & polish your personal style.

This customized experience is for midlife career women who keep getting stuck on what to wear. 

Especially if you're in one of these situations...

Your style is stuck in the past 

You wear clothes from ages ago which gives an inaccurate impression. People will mistake you for someone else — a junior employee, a background player, or even an expecting mom!

Your style is in Limbo 

You’re working remotely so it’s hard to make an effort when you’re sitting at home. But you feel like you’ve gotten lazy and you miss that part of yourself that had fun getting dressed. 

Your style tries to be “HER” 

You want to “dress the part” but you always feel like you’re wearing a costume. You question everything you put on and never really know if it looks good. 

Why You Need This Now!

  • There’s a huge gap between what you know you need to wear in order to match the authority, credibility and clout you’ve worked so hard to build over the past decade of your career versus how you’re perceived when you actually walk into a room.

  • YOU’RE HIDING: you’re using your current clothes as a safety net that keeps you from making bold moves in your life.
  • You’ve wasted too much time and money on the wrong clothes which is why you never have the right things to wear and always feel uncomfortable.
  • Your body changed and you don't know how to dress it anymore. Nothing ever looks as good as you hoped it would. 

Let's Do This!

Your investment: $2000

Meet your personal stylist

I'm Elysha Lenkin!

I've helped thousands of women feel incredible in their clothes.

I got my start styling NYC commercial shoots for big brands, magazines and celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Serena Williams, and Tina Fey. I've spent over 10K hours working with women and their wardrobes!

The way I see it, your clothing and accessories are tools to support you. When styled well, you feel uplifted and energized. When your clothes are wrong, you feel inadequate, confused and frustrated.

Join me in the Style Statement Sessions, and I'll help you close the gap between how you want to look and how you actually look so that you command the next stage of your life!

My Clients Get Incredible Results!

Julie is owning the zoom room!

She exudes high level alignment. Now that her expertise is reflected in her appearance, she energizes the computer screen with her presence.

Laura learned how to make fashion work for her!

She used to feel frumpy, but now she has fun with her style and sees it as an opportunity to feel amazing.

MaryAnn has less clothes, but triple the outfits!

She now knows exactly what to wear even with accessories and shoes to create an impactful look that communicates her true power.

Everything is easy now because I have eliminated everything that I didn't like 100%. I make smart purchases and I have no doubts anymore. I just wear what I want to wear. Thank you for this incredible comfort.


I felt awesome today!  I usually really hate what I look like in pictures. But I actually like the way I look in these and I did not stress or worry about my clothes!  🎉🎉🎉  Thank you for everything! 


Before working with Elysha, I had a sense of how I wanted to look, but was lacking direction and the mastery to pull together all the things I loved into one harmony. I have learned concepts I will carry with me for many fashion seasons.


I now have a clear idea of what works for me, how to shop, and how to refine my wardrobe.  When you work with Elysha, you feel uplifted by how you look. I never once felt that I *should* look a certain way. I just discovered what I liked on me. Working with Elysha is an investment not only in your style, but your confidence in how you spend money.


Got questions about the Style Statement Sessions? 

What happens after I make my purchase?

Immediately after making purchase you will receive a confirmation email. Inside this email there is a link to your Style Discovery Quiz where you'll answer questions about your body, preferences and lifestyle. You'll also submit photos so I can see your outfits as well as close up shots of your face so I can analyze your coloring. Once you take the quiz and submit your photos, you'll receive the link to book your first call. We book the second call at the end of the first call.

When will we have our 1:1 calls?

You'll receive a link to schedule your first zoom call after you submit the style quiz and your photos. Both calls must be completed within 90 days of purchase. 

Will Elysha shop for me?

No, these are not shopping sessions. Elysha will help you dial in on your personal style so you make confident choices in what you wear and buy. If you’d like Elysha to help shopping, this purchase can be applied to the Style Reinvention package.

How will this help me?

Once you get a glimpse of your style through my eyes, things will look different. You’ll see beyond the rut of your clothes not working which has you stuck in old ideas and limited thinking. I’ll show you what’s possible for your personal style. And I’ll do it fast. You will leave the sessions with the tools to improve your outfits immediately!

What is the refund policy?

This is a final purchase since the one on one calls are scheduled at your convenience. By choosing to invest in this package, you’re committing to yourself and your desire to level-up in your life. By backing out of this purchase, you are backing out on a commitment to yourself. It's for this reason your purchase is non-refundable.

I already use Stitch Fix. Do I really need this?

Style subscription boxes are really good at sending new clothes. What they don't do is teach you how to shop, style your clothes or elevate your style so it's unique to you. The Style Statement Sessions are exclusively focused on these three things!