Style Reinvent 2

That Woman With The 

Captivating Style...
It Can Be YOU!

You, yes, YOU can get noticed for your 
style confidence!

That Woman With

Captivating Style... 

It Can Be YOU!

You, yes, YOU can get noticed for your 
Style confidence!

In my quest to reinvent myself, I was drawn to Elysha because of her message about discovering and being true to yourself. Since working with her, I’m feeling more brazen and empowered. I can now go into my closet, and without a lot of blood sweat and tears, I put together an outfit that I like. And I have fun doing it!

Klara Hicks 

Seattle, WA

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your style reinvention



Before working with Elysha, I didn’t know what my style was. I thought I was just a mom who needed to get out the door looking as polished as possible. But now, after this experience, I have uncovered my identity. I have a new understanding of my body and who I am, and what I like to wear. I know what clothes look good on me, and how to put it all together into a style that’s mine. 

Jessica Loparco 
New York, NY


Since working with Elysha I have no more self doubt about what I wear. I’m putting on clothes that I’m comfortable in, and that match me. And what I’m hearing from others is, YOU LOOK GREAT!

Mo Faul
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Are you Entering a new phase of life?

(New job? New body? More time to focus on your style?)

Then you already know wearing polished and put together outfits get you noticed.

Here’s what you might not know...

You can enhance these outfits with an energetic attitude that makes you feel like a SuperStar. 

You're walking around feeling like a ghost...

Wearing clothes that make you feel invisible.

Dressing up used to be fun, but now you don't know what to wear.

You feel like there are no options since stores only show styles for younger or thinner women.

You're tired of looking at your closet hoping an incredible outfit materializes out of thin air.

You never feel as polished and pulled together as everyone else. 

4 Reasons You May Not Be Putting Your Best Foot Forward In Life:

1. You continue to wear skinny pants even though deep down you know it's not your most flattering option.

2. You feel self conscious about your weight so you live in tunics and long cardigans 

3. You buy clothes everyone else wears, but they're not right for you.

4. Your outfit choices are dictated by the "shoulds" of what you "should" wear to look appropriate.

Now what?

A style transformation requires:


 Knowing what you love and how you want to look.


Shaping your taste to fit your body, personality and life.


 Full ownership of your personal style.

Thank you again for the best day of styling I’ve ever had. My goodness did you nail me!!

Liz Vaccariello
Editor In Chief

Hi, I'm Elysha!

Elysha Lenkin style reinvention

I've been in the business of making women look GREAT for 20 years. I've worked on countless shoots for magazines, commercials and celebrities...

now my focus is on women LIKE YOU!

Because you like fashion and care about how you look. 

I know you can look more polished and pulled together.

It's just a matter of understanding the style basics - which I'll help you do.

Elysha Lenkin style reinvention
But If You Want to achieve the NEXT LEVEL OF STYLE...

My signature styling system takes you beyond knowing what to wear...

...To changing the relationship with your appearance

You'll gain style confidence so you:

Nail the job interview.

Ask for the promotion.

Are a beautiful role model for your kids. 

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Step 1 - Style Discovery 


Refine your style goals (align how you want to look with how you want to be perceived) to set the essential foundation for your successful transformation. 

Step 2 - ​Style Development 


Get reacquainted with your personal preferences - your favorite colors, your desired style elements and your ideal silhouettes. We'll create the perfect fit between what you love and your "right-now" body shape. Once tapped into these YOU-defining qualities, you’ll have your framework for a flattering style that you love AND that makes you look amazing.

Step 3 - Closet Clear Out


Free yourself of the clothes holding you back and streamline your wardrobe to match your style goals. No more standing in your closet thinking about what to wear. This is wardrobe freedom!

Step 4 -  Outfit Creation 


Put together polished outfits that speak your full potential. You'll differentiate yourself from others and make your style unique.  

Step 5 - Style Implementation 


Bring your style forward through daily practice. You'll feel more energized (and attract ALL the right people), unlock your creativity (a MAJOR asset when you want to look GREAT) and triple your confidence (we're talking FULL POTENTIAL on display!)

Imagine What It Would Be Like To...

  • Leave your house feeling attractive & confident in your skin.
  • Get compliments on your outfit.
  • Feel "put together" not "thrown together".
  • Look in the mirror and love what you see.

That’s what you'll get with Your Style Reinvention!


Elysha gave me brilliant recommendations in an easy and clear way for how to play up the areas I love about my shape, and play down the areas I struggle with. I love that I can now go shopping and look for exactly the types of clothes that I know will flatter my shape.

Alissia Knight
Southhampton UK


Elysha has an exceptional eye for creating looks that are both relevant and forward thinking, and has helped me greatly in the development of my style. She is also lovely to work with, incredibly professional, and has an intuitive way of knowing and coming up with exactly what I needed.

 Katy Pfaffl ​
New York, NY

Elysha Lenkin style reinvention

When You Book Your Style Reinvention Today

You're saying YES to:

  • Having fun with fashion.

  • A better dressed you.

  • A renewed energy to make your contribution to the world.

Your Style Reinvention Expands your sense of self and gives you a vibrant style to match!

Want to take the next step to having style confidence?

Book your call, and let's see if we're a good fit!

Here's what you'll receive:


I'll take you step by step through your style transformation which includes your style discovery, style development, closet clear out, outfit creation and style implementation. At the end of our work together you'll have a defined signature style.


We'll meet via video chat 5 times (one time each step) so you receive my expert insights and get all your style questions answered!


After Step 3, I'll put together a list of your most needed items. Then I'll handpick a selection of those pieces, and create your digital lookbook which has the links for purchase.


I'll provide styling insight and feedback to help articulate your style; your strengths and challenges so you know what to highlight, what to downplay, and how to combine it into a style that you love and makes you look amazing.


You'll receive the styling fundamentals to shop and dress with confidence so you take your personal style into your own hands, and know how to style yourself on a daily basis. (Since I can't come to your home every morning!)


At the end of our work together, you'll receive a beautiful PDF summarizing everything we did. This will quickly become the guiding principle of your Style Reinvention.

You've let your style rut rule your life for too long...

How many more job opportunities can you afford to miss? 

How many more times will you stay home missing out on the fun with friends and family because you felt too frustrated with your appearance?

How much longer will your self esteem suffer from making choices that hold you back?

Let’s see how I can help you show up looking your best NOW. 

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I recommend working with Elysha for anyone who feels uncomfortable in their current style or shape, or who is clueless about what style and types of clothes are best for them. She really helps you pin down what your individual style is, so you can choose clothes that let your unique personality shine.

Marlo Hill
San Diego, CA


Elysha helped me finally get rid of items that I was having a hard time parting with. She really has an eye for fashion. She put beautiful outfits together for me that I never would have thought of wearing. Working with Elysha as an online stylist, and being on a FaceTime call didn't affect the quality of our time. It felt like she was right in the room with me. She was so kind and fun to work with. 

Marci Cheary

New York, NY

Get started with 3 easy steps: 

1. Make time for yourself.

2. Believe you're worth the time.

3. Book your free call to see if we're the right fit! (Because fit is EVERYTHING in style!)

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