SuperMoon Eclipse, A New Look Plus A Gift For You!

SuperMoon Eclipse, A New Look Plus A Gift For You! | mind body soul stylist | mind body soul stylist

There’s a super moon eclipse tomorrow (at 8:54pm EST, to be precise) which carries a massive energy burst asking us to begin again.

I’m all for celestial beginnings, so naturally I’m linking up with this energy to share some exciting NEWs.

My site,, got a redesign! That’s right, I’m working a whole new look!

And for right now, if you sign up for my monthly newsletter, you’ll receive a FREE 21 page shopping + yoga guide curated by me based on my experience as a stylist and yoga columnist. I’m hoping this guide will help steer you towards your best style.

The signup is here, so please head over now.

I appreciate it!



  1. Ka Malana says:

    Hi Elysha,

    Your new style is FAN-TASTIC! I am going to be sure to sign up for your newsletter 🙂
    Really, I love it! Happy New Moon Solar eclipse! So glad I visited today, I feel that burst of energy.


  2. Thank you so much, Sweet Ka! Your kindness is truly appreciated. I am glad you visited today too!
    And a happy solar eclipse to you –here’s to shaking it up and beginning again. xoxo

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