Step up your style and feel fabulous again!

Even if you don’t know what to buy, what looks good or how to dress...

What if your outfits came together easily & you didn’t waste money buying clothes you won’t wear?

I get it. You’re not who you used to be. Your body changed, or you’re in a new phase of life and your old clothes don’t work anymore. 

You want a new look. But shopping can be overwhelming and stressful. Especially because nothing ever looks how you want it to.

Then there’s the closet.

So much stuff in the closet.

Yet every morning you pass over 90% because it’s uncomfortable, or no longer you.

You’re ready to level-up your look so it supports your next phase in life.


You want to know why some outfits work, and others don’t so you stop doubting your choices and making inadequate purchases.


And you want to feel excited about your clothes, and make better use of what you already own.


Well, you can! 


I’ve created a simple method that shows you what to wear so that you feel more confident showing up in your business and life. 


Tailored to You

A one-on-one POWER session that shows you what to wear, what looks good and how to dress with CONFIDENCE.

This is the method I use with my private clients to help them shop smarter, effortlessly create their outfits and feel excited about their clothes.

“If you are thinking about up-leveling your closet, Elysha is great at finding your style, showing what works with what you already have, and helping you value your beauty from within.


During our POWER session I’ll show you how to:
  • Narrow down your style so you know WHAT'S RIGHT (and what to avoid!)
  • Make your outfits BETTER than ever
  • Invest your money in items that SUPPORT the changes in your body and lifestyle
  • Elevate your aesthetic to look modern and feel relevant 


impulse buying

Winging It & Hoping Your Outfits Come Together!

Random Purchases

worrying about what looks good!

You will see which styles suit you and what to leave behind!

I knew I needed new clothes, but I was stumped now that I'm 40. 

My looks used to be all over the place and I was tired of buying things I didn't love, but then kept in my closet for years because I didn't want to "waste my money.

Elysha really listened and gave me an individualized plan. So now I feel stylish and confident. I have clarity in what works for my body and what feels good on. I feel much more confident showing up in video and in photos for my business."

Emily Reagan

Digital Marketing Expert

Thank you for giving me permission to ditch the tunics as I had become so self-conscious about my weight I succumbed to them.


Clothing is an area of my life I've struggled with and now I have confidence and am focused on what I want.

Sherri Coleman

2nd Journey Coaching

Tailored to You Could Be Your Next Step Towards Confident Style 

Especially if this sounds like you:

  • You buy what catches your eye, and then it sits untouched in your closet 
  • You’ve been wearing the same types of clothes that focus on hiding your body because you’re not sure how to dress it
  • Shopping is STRESSFUL and overwhelming
  • You’re not who you used to be. Your old styles no longer match who you are or how you want to dress, but you’re not sure what you want

  • Your body has changed and you have no idea what to buy
  • You've spent too much money on clothes that don't work
No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to put together comfortable and stylish outfits. You’re always doubting your choices!

I felt frumpy and uncomfortable in my clothes. 

Most of my clothes didn’t fit well since my body changed with perimenopause. I finally decided to treat myself for turning 50! With Elysha’s help, I was able to identify areas of my body I wanted to flaunt and learned how to highlight them as well as how to downplay other areas. I liked Elysha’s approach and she helped me figure out my style and feel good about my clothes again.

Laura R.

What if your wardrobe was filled only GOOD options?

This means your closet has NO random purchases, ill-fitting garments and items you won't wear.

Then you EASILY:

  • Know what clothes to keep and what to clear
  • Recognize what to buy & what to leave on the rack & save money on shopping mistakes
  • Style your outfits with certainty that you're highlighting your true beauty so you know you look your best
"Getting suggestions for how to put things together differently, whether it's a color combination or items you never thought of putting together was INVALUABLE.

Elysha's process was very individualized, yet structured. I was emboldened to try a few new things I never thought I would. Not because I felt pressured, but INSPIRED by my new outlook (via Elysha)."

Klara Hicks

You'll see yourself in a new light & show up differently in life.

 Here's how others may respond to the NEW YOU:

New business opportunities

Your confidence will propel you to be more visible which puts you in front of more people, and increases the potential for more projects and money.

Job Promotions

When you're no longer uncomfortable in your clothes, you're less distracted and can focus more on what matters so you perform better. Your boss will notice!

Dinner dates and social requests

When you feel good about yourself, you light up every room you enter. People will want to be around you!


This is obvious. But the compliments are an indicator of how you've become an inspiration to others. 

It’s interesting how you start working on one area of your life—like I did with my style— and then you see that you’re improving in other areas of your life. Which is what is happening in my career. I’m standing out in new ways. It’s multidimensional and it all comes back to how you feel in your clothes.



It’s so much easier to shop now that I know what will and won’t work for me. No more impulse buying because it’s a good deal. If you never wear it—it was a waste of money”



Instead of feeling lost and overwhelmed in the large department store, I saw tons more possibilities. I felt much more “expert” because I know what colors will flatter and what styles to focus on.

Mary Ann



I didn’t know what my style was. But after this experience, I have a new understanding of my body and who I am, and what I like to wear. I know what clothes look good on me, and how to put it all together into a style that’s mine


Head into Fall always knowing what to wear!

Here's how it works:

Step 1 

Make your purchase and receive a confirmation email linking to your Style Discovery Quiz. This is where you’ll share your style details (measurements, preferences and photos) so Elysha gets a clear picture of your current style which is essential for her to bridge the gap from where you’re at today to your new look.

Step 3 

Meet Elysha for your consultation and get the personal style guidance that will change both how you see your wardrobe and yourself! The call is recorded for your on-demand reviewing.

 Step 2 

After submitting your Style Discovery Quiz you’ll receive the link to schedule your 45 minute Zoom call.

Your CUSTOMIZED roadmap to CONFIDENT style

This includes:

  1. 1
    STUNNING SILHOUETTES that accentuate your unique shape
  2. 2
    VIBRANT COLORS that draw people in
  3. 3
    ENERGIZING OUTFITS that come together like magic

I no longer view spending money on clothes as frivolous spending. I see it as an investment in myself and in my confidence

I’m now able to look at an outfit and decide what's missing. I've grown in my ability to put together outfits that make me look good, but would not have worn or even considered before we worked together!

Laura Mangum

I used to hate shopping, but now I no longer think ‘Nothing fits, so why bother?’ because I have a clear strategy and understanding of what's right for my style


Here’s What’s Included

Instant Download of your Style Discovery Quiz

Get a clear picture of your current body shape, personal preferences and lifestyle.

Customized Color Palette

Made up of your most energizing colors that accentuate your true beauty.

Individualized Body Shape Review

So you know your most stunning silhouettes for your unique proportions.

Tailored to You
Vision Board

Stretch your imagination to see what's possible for your style by combining your personal preferences with complimentary styles for personal outfit formulas and signature looks. 

Tailored to You
Outfit Ideas

Using 3 of your present day outfits, Elysha will share new ways to wear what you have with an elevated aesthetic so you leave the call feeling inspired to get into your wardrobe. 

Power Session with Elysha

Meet Elysha for 45 minutes on Zoom and get your questions answered so you’re fully equipped to fulfill your style goals.

Everything you need to dial in on your personal style so are confident to choose your clothes well!

⭐️ Let's Do This ⭐️

Payment Plan

Make 3 payments 1 month apart



  • Customized Color Palette
  • Individualized Body Shape Review
  • Tailored to You Vision Board
  • Tailored to You Outfit Ideas
  • One on One Zoom Call
pay in full

Make 1 payment and save



  • Customized Color Palette
  • Individualized Body Shape Review
  • Tailored to You Vision Board
  • Tailored to You Outfit Ideas
  • One on One Zoom Call

I don't usually offer this as a stand alone service.

Normally you’d pay $$$$ for my full one-on-one package to work with me like this. 

But I'm tired of seeing women held back by their style. Either they dread getting dressed because nothing fits how they like, or they are stuck in the same old clothes because they don't know what else to wear.

When women feel confident about how they look, they make a stronger impression in their lives and this lifts those around them. We need more confident women in the world!

You can FEEL INSPIRED by your wardrobe and excited about how you look!

I did not realize how much my overstuffed closet and style rut were negatively impacting me. Having Elysha help me get my style act together was the best money I have ever spent! I learned A LOT from her.



You Have A Choice:

You could get something from the sale rack that's "good enough," but eventually ends up in the back of your closet with the rest of your unworn items and prolong the vicious cycle of haphazard shopping that contributes to clutter in the closet and an all-over-the-place wardrobe.


You can invest in long lasting confidence by getting the knowledge to make informed style choices that align with your updated aesthetic and energize you for the day

When I heard about Elysha's services, I thought how fun! I never imagined I would ever have a personal stylist!!

You gave me exactly what I needed - guidelines for when I go shopping! Also having the feedback on my outfit pictures was so helpful. You pointed things out that I had never thought of and I’m going to try your suggestions.


Elysha gave me brilliant recommendations in an easy and clear way for how to play up the areas I love about my shape, and play down the areas I struggle with.

Alissia Knight

As someone for my entire life has said, “I hate shopping for clothes”, I’m now having fun with it.  Because I’m looking for things on purpose that I’ve learned about from Elysha.

Aleta Norris

This is for you if:

  • You're ready for a new approach because your clothes aren’t working anymore
  • You know you could be dressing better, but need guidance on how
  • You’re not sure what you should be wearing at your age, on the job or in your social life
  • You want a wardrobe without random items
  • You’re on the brink of change and need to align your style with your next phase

This is not for you if:

  • Your style is already figured out, and you don't need help
  • An updated aesthetic doesn't appeal to you right now
  • The invisible relationship of a subscription box is working for you
  • Buying random clothes that catch your eye is fun

I just wanted to say I was feeling really great ALL week (never happens!) and I especially liked what I was wearing each day and I was definitely employing your strategies and I just felt so good! I’m having trouble remembering the last time I really struggled to get dressed in the morning (trying on multiple combinations and feeling frustrated and upset). I just go through your tips and suggestions and ask myself questions and it keeps me on track. It’s about focusing on the RIGHT thing — not “oh god, these pants used to be LOOSE and now I can’t button them!” — you start from a much more centered place and you will not find yourself going down your self-imposed “rabbit holes."

Working with Elysha is like investing in a college course.

It’s knowledge that I’ll never forget, and can apply for the rest of my life. So when I was considering working with her, I saw the experience paying for itself.

Elysha really helps you pin down what your individual style is so you understand how to choose clothes that let your unique personality shine.

Marlo Hill

Meet Elysha

Hi! I’m Elysha and I’ve been in the business of helping women feel incredible about how they look for over 20 years. I’ve styled NYC commercial shoots for big brands, magazines and celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Entertainment Weekly, O The Oprah Magazine, Tina Fey, Serena Williams, and Working Mother.

Now, my focus is on helping REAL WOMEN, like you. My goal is for you to feel inspired by your style so you show up more confidently in life and become an inspiration to those around you.

I believe that your clothing and accessories are tools to support you. When styled well, you feel uplifted and energized. When your clothes are wrong, you feel inadequate, confused and frustrated. 

With Tailored to You, I show you how to make better choices with your wardrobe so your clothing highlights your true beauty and supports you in life.

Questions You May Have

I hate all my clothes. How will this help me?

Once you get a glimpse of your style through my eyes, things will look different. You’ll see beyond the rut of your clothes not working which has you stuck in old ideas and limited thinking. I’ll show you what’s possible in the form of signature styles, outfit formulas and updated looks. And I’ll do it fast. You will leave the POWER session with the tools to step up your style immediately.

I already use Stitch Fix. Do I really need this?

Style subscription boxes are really good at sending new clothes. What they don't do is teach you how to shop, style your clothes or design a style that's unique to you. Tailored to You is exclusively focused on these three things!

Will Elysha shop for me?

No, this is not a shopping session. This is a style consultation to dial in on your personal style so you make confident choices in what you wear and buy. If you’d like Elysha to help shopping, this purchase can be applied to the Style Reinvention package.

When will we have our 1:1 call?

You'll receive a link to schedule the 1:1 call after you make the purchase.

What is the refund policy?

This is a final purchase since it's a one on one call scheduled at your convenience. By choosing to invest in this consultation, you’re committing to yourself and your desire to level-up in your life. By backing out of this purchase, you are backing out on yourself. It's for this reason your purchase is non-refundable.

Tailored to You will help you see your wardrobe with fresh eyes so that you change up what you've been wearing and feel more excited about how you look.

What would your daily life look like if:

  • You wanted to wear everything in your closet
  • Getting dressed was FUN and EASY
  • You quickly see what's right for you (and leave the rest)
  • You stand out in style and inspire those around you

If you want to rock your midlife years looking and feeling great in your clothes then Elysha is your girl! I love the session we did and I am truly looking at my wardrobe differently.