For women who are sick of wearing outdated clothes that no longer express them...



Be more confident in everything you wear without feeling like a try-hard, or spending a fortune on new clothes.

Thank you, Elysha! Best class ever regarding clothes!  

"Elysha’s holistic approach to styling helps women use their clothes as tools to express themselves and look at themselves in a whole new way. And this impacts how they interact in the world. I love her approach because it's not all about shopping for new things!"

What if you had more fun with your outfits so there’s a lightness in your presence, and an extra pep in your step?

Then you see yourself in the mirror, and like what you see. You know you look stylish without looking like you're trying too hard. And you've become so skilled in putting together your outfits that it becomes second nature.

Your style feels effortless.

Welcome to the self study styling program to help curate your style by shopping smarter and easily creating your outfits so you can be confident in everything you wear!

Inside this mind + style expanding program you will...

Rediscover the fun of fashion

Elevate your aesthetic so you look modern and “with it”

Shed your excess wardrobe by letting go of previous identities caught up in your old clothes

Make your outfits undeniably you with personal touches and complimentary details 


“In this program you learn to redefine what your style is. It’s not about what’s trendy and how to insert yourself into the trends. It’s about making fashion work for you!"



"Elysha’s approach to style is about individuality and expressing yourself, and about how you want to feel in your clothes. She gives great guidance for clarifying and getting on track with your style vision." 



“Elysha gives a lot of usable information with no additional “fluff’. Her suggestions are super clear and relatable so I could easily apply to my life and wardrobe. “


You'll no longer think

"Nothing fits, so why bother?" 

You'll gain a clear strategy and understanding of what's right for YOUR style.

Get Total Style Refresh if you're ready to say goodbye to style concerns like:

  • Worrying if you’re wearing the right thing

  • Winging it and hoping everything comes together
  • Stressing over an out-of-control closet
  • Impulse shopping and making random purchases

"It's so much easier to shop now that I know what will and won't work for me. No more impulse buying because it's a good deal! If you never wear it — it was a waste of money!"


"Years of being cheap caused me to have a frumpy style."

"I no longer view spending money on clothes as frivolous spending. I see it as an investment in myself and in my confidence.

Working with Elysha is like investing in a college course. It’s knowledge that you’ll never forget. I can apply what I’ve learned from her for the rest of my life. So when I was considering working with her, I saw the experience paying for itself."


"Clothing is an area of my life I've struggled with and now I have confidence and am focused on what I want."

Sherri Coleman

2nd Journey Coaching

What you get inside the program:

  • Recorded style tutorials that breakdown the art & science of style so it becomes second nature (6 total)  

  • 93 pages of workbook which include supporting information for each lesson

  • Style prompts and closet clearout challenge to put new styling skills into practice 

  • Library of curated content to accompany each lesson

  • 136 brand recommendations in a shopping guide categorized by different styles

Sign up for Total Style Refresh 

To help reimagine what you wear so your outfits are better then ever!

This could be your next step towards inspired style

Especially if you are...

  • Ready for a new approach because your clothes aren’t working anymore
  • Not sure what else to wear but you know you could be dressing better  
  • Want a wardrobe without random items
  • Unclear about what looks good or what you should be wearing at your age, on the job or in your social life
  • On the brink of change and need to align your style with your next stage
  • Uninspired by how you look
  • Still wearing the same styles you've been wearing forever
  • Tired of putting everyone and everything else before yourself

You’re sick of settling for a style that’s no longer you. 

Elysha helped me gain so much more than just some new clothes. I feel so much more confident. I feel my style groove coming back, and I feel so much more motivated to look beyond wearing the same old thing everyday. Her process helps you find your own personal style— that you already have. So buying clothes and styling are so much more streamlined because they come from who you are."

"Elysha embraces everyone’s uniqueness. Instead of saying 'Here is my protocol for what you need to do and let's figure out how to fit you into that,'  she gives realistic guidelines and suggestions that could easily be adapted for each person in a way that reflects their personalities."

Valerie Smith

Total Style Refresh will help you see yourself in a new light so that you are inspired to show up differently in life.

Past Style Refresh students have experienced major shifts in their lives which went beyond their wardrobes. 

This includes:

New business opportunities

Job Promotions

Dinner dates and social requests


"It’s interesting how you start working on one area of your life—like I did with my style— and then you see that you’re improving in other areas of your life. Which is what is happening in my career. I’m standing out in new ways. It’s multidimensional and it all comes back to how you feel in your clothes."


What you get inside

Total Style Refresh

Lesson 1 — Your Style Stats

This is the true foundation of your personal style. Nail down your unique traits (like body shape and color palettes) so you choose clothes from a more informed position.

Lesson 2—Your Style Essence & Style Elements

Refine your taste so your clothes match your personality and express your preferences.

Lesson  3— Closet Clear Out

Assess what’s working in your closet, what’s not working and what’s missing to create a cohesive and versatile wardrobe. 

Lesson 4 — Outfit Creation

Build your outfits with proven strategies that set you apart, and highlight your individual strengths.

Lesson 5—Deliberate Shopping

Get the pro stylist techniques that make shopping productive and fun. You’ll gain the skills to discern what to buy along with the best ways to update your wardrobe.

Lesson  6— Style Confidence

Train your eye to see what suits your style so you always know what to wear that gives you confidence.

PLUS 3 special bonuses

To set you up for absolute success.

"What’s different about working with Elysha and learning from her in contrast to having someone in trunk club or stitch fix is I’m learning how to shop.

As someone for my entire life has said, 'I hate shopping for clothes,' I’m now having fun with it.  Because I’m looking for things on purpose that I’ve learned about from Elysha.

I never wear jewelry and now I’ve shopped for these new earrings. And I love them! I never would have done this if I hadn't learned what to look for and how to build an outfit!"


Debbie H.

"Elysha gave me so many tips about dressing. In all my years, I have never been given 'dressing' lessons and while it comes easily to many, I actually need to be taught!"

Be emboldened to step up your style!

Total Style Refresh includes:

  • 6 recorded style tutorials  

  • 6 workbooks  

  • Private library of curated content
  • Style prompts and closet clear out challenge

  • Shopping guide

You get everything you need to dial in on your personal style so it's current to you now and expresses who you're becoming! 



The Pillars of Confidence

A workbook to help you lay the foundation, set intentions and prepare for total success in your refresh. 



Update Your Beauty Routine

A make up tutorial with tips, tricks and tools from an industry insider to elevate your look.


Reclaim Your Style  

A 5 day challenge that takes you through the simple steps to create your signature style.

Sign up now!

make 1 payment of $499

"Instead of feeling lost and overwhelmed in the large department store, I saw tons more possibilities. I felt much more 'expert' because I know what colors will flatter and what styles to focus on."

Mary Ann

"I am much more confident in trying new kinds of dresses and wearing clothes that I had long given up on."


“I’ve made so much progress!  My closet now reflects who I am - today. Your approach has helped me to re-capture the essence of who I am. These lessons apply not just to my fashion sense, but to other aspects of my life as well. I can’t thank you enough Elysha!" 


Whether it's for yourself, to attract a partner, or to up your game at work... 

Total Style Refresh 

teaches you how to get dressed in confidence with a style that's 100% YOU

Rebuild & reboot your personal style so you have a wardrobe that looks current (to you now), feels comfortable (like a second skin!) and gives you confidence in the rest of your life.

You can continue doing what you've always done, wear the same thing and try to figure it out on your own... like an unsolved mystery. 

Or you can sign up today, say YES to doing things differently and get MAJOR SUPPORT in your breakthrough.  Plus this is more fun!

Want something extra?

UPGRADE & get all of the above plus...


Your customized strategy to CONFIDENT STYLE

The perfect accompaniment to your Total Style Refresh, this personalized plan clarifies your most complimentary style.

UPGRADE service includes:
  • Instant Download of your Style Discovery Quiz
  • 45 minute Zoom Call with Elysha
  • Individualized Body Shape Review
  • Customized Color Palette
  • Tailored to You Outfit Ideas
  • Tailored to You Vision Board

UPGRADE Investment:

One Payment: $1499

Interested in working one-on-one with Elysha? Book a call to discuss private styling options. 

Questions you may have:

Why would I buy this program if I can work with a Nordstrom personal shopper for free.

This program is not only about buying new clothes — which is what you get with a personal shopper. Shopping is just one component of the 6 styling tutorials. In fact, you may not even need to buy new clothes at all. You may just need a new perspective on what you already own so you can wear it in updated ways. This program will help you have a fresh outlook that energizes not just your wardrobe, but how you feel in your life.

What is the refund policy?

This is a final purchase since the content is available on demand. By choosing to invest in Total Style Refresh, you’re committing to yourself and your desire to level-up in your life. By backing out of this purchase, you are backing out on yourself. It's for this reason your purchase is non-refundable.

How is this different from the other style programs out there?

While other programs are great at giving lots of information, the content is general to cater to everyone. In Total Style Refresh, there are no generic shopping lists that tell you which pants or dress to buy. Each woman’s refresh will look different based on who she is and how she wants to show up. Personal style is not one size fits all, and this program celebrates the individuality of each woman. 

What if I want to work one on one with Elysha?

Book a style clarity call here to discuss Elysha's one on one service. 

What happens after I make my purchase?

You will receive a welcome email with your login information which gives you instant access to all the styling tutorials, workbooks and bonuses. 

How long are the style tutorials? 

Each style tutorial ranges from 16 minutes to 25 minutes. The bonus makeup tutorial is an hour.

Will I receive lifetime access to the course materials?

Yes. You can revisit the material whenever you want for as long as you want!

Hi, I'm Elysha

I'll help refresh your style.

In Total Style Refresh, I show you how to make better choices with your clothing so you feel excited by your wardrobe and energized in the rest of your life.

I’ve been in the business of helping women feel incredible about how they look for over 20 years. I’ve styled NYC commercial shoots for big brands, magazines and celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Entertainment Weekly, O The Oprah Magazine, Tina Fey, Serena Williams, and Working Mother.

Now, my focus is on helping real women, like you. My goal is for you to feel inspired by your style so you show up more confidently in life and become an inspiration to those around you.

I believe that your clothing and accessories are tools to support you. When styled well, you feel uplifted and energized. When your clothes are wrong, you feel inadequate, confused and frustrated. 

I'll help you style yourself well!

What would your daily life look like if:

  • Getting dressed was effortless and your mornings were calm
  • You felt confident in your clothes and inspired those around you
  • You didn't waste time and money buying clothes you won't wear

Want to work with privately with Elysha?

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