Even if you're short on time, lack motivation or have too much stuff...

Say "See Ya" To Your Outdated Clothes & Hello To A Wardrobe With Only Pieces You Love 

What if you wanted to wear EVERYTHING in your closet?

I get it. Your day begins passing over 90% of your clothes because they don’t fit, don’t look good, or you don’t like them anymore.

You're holding onto too much stuff, but since your body changed you need the old sizes — just in case!

Or you're in new phase of life.

You don’t need the suits and heels anymore, but they’re hard to let go because they were expensive!

You want to love your clothes, and feel confident about your style.

But there's too many random items in your wardrobe.

Like the designer dress with the tags still on that you got on sale, and never wore.

The itchy sweater that’s too short.

The 80s jacket with the weird shoulders. 

And the powder blue suit. 

When you open your closet, you see only these items.

So of course you feel like you have nothing to wear

What if having a wardrobe that gets you excited is easier than you think?


The 4 Hour Closet Revival

A Purge Party to edit down and declutter your wardrobe and make space for your 2022 personal style.

Rather than be burdened by what’s usually a laborious task — the dreaded closet cleanout — let’s celebrate who you’ve become and let go of the clothes that no longer serve your evolution. 

This closet clear out method is what I use with my one-on-one clients to streamline their styles and increase the versatility of their clothing so they have less stuff, but better outfit options. 

In 4 Hours You Will:

  • Assess your clothing to see what works, what doesn’t work and what’s missing
  • Reacquaint yourself with what you have 
  • Make decisions on what to do with those hard to clear items like sentimental pieces, gifts and expensive items
  • Clear out the old and outdated styles

You'll let go of everything that doesn’t serve who you are today and where you’re going in life. 

You will feel LIGHTER and have more CONFIDENCE in your style!

Elysha’s closet clear out process is not just about making room in your closet which is an amazing bonus, of course!

I can literally slide my hangers back and forth with plenty of space to actually see what’s in there! But more than that it’s about identifying who you are today, with love and acceptance. And finally letting go of who you once were or think you should be. I feel lighter and unburdened. I realize now that by having less I actually have MORE because I can see and access and utilize the things I DO have.  

After clearing out the crap I can see clearly what is there to help express the me I am today.

Arul Goldman

Health Coach

Going through my closet with Elysha was energizing! By the time she left I had so many "new outfits" all from my own wardrobe.


Lori now has a range of go-to outfits (from her own closet) that she mixes up and accessorizes with ease...

Having put on 10 lbs since the summer I have been feeling really yucky and picking out my outfits is just miserable.

Thanks to your help, I now have a group of clothes that I can make outfits easily and feel comfortable and confident. And I don’t have to keep trying on things that are too tight, getting depressed and hating my recently expanded butt and hips (which is where my weight goes). 


 Thanks to the closet cleanout, I now feel like I have so much choice in my wardrobe! 


The philosophy and strategies Elysha shared on closet clearouts was helpful! She articulated a few different ways that really resonated with me, and her approach was such a beautiful interweaving of self-love, celebration of self, fun, and experimentation. It has you dig in to understand your relationship to clothing and self and the world. I really loved how clarifying that was!