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Transform Your Style From Boring To


Group styling bootcamp

For women who've had enough of the leggings, tee-shirts, and boring outfits that put comfort first with style nowhere to be seen. 

These low grade looks made sense when the world was locked down. 

But things have opened up.

Why are you still in your yoga pants or sweats that you wear at home?

You’ve lost your zest for fashion. 

Imagine This...

  • You feel put together, and excited about how you look
  • You see oodles of outfit options in your wardrobe
  • You attract positive attention and receive compliments
  • You feel energized and inspired to get out into the world


21 Day Outfit Innovation!


My sense of self and personal style have grown to a level that I know is ME! I feel like I have so much choice in my wardrobe! I am not invisible because I’m over 50 or through menopause or that I’m now a grandma of three (new one born last week!)

This is for you if...

  • You're on auto-pilot and make the same style choices you did 20 years ago even though your body and life have changed
  • You feel uninspired by everything in your closet 
  • You don't know how to pair items together to make stylish outfits
  • You're not sure what looks good on you 
  • You're sick of settling for outfits that don't light you up from the inside
  • You used to take pride in how you looked 

This is ESPECIALLY for you if you're ready to...

  • Reawaken your sense of style and renew your sense of self
  • Look stylish without looking like you’re trying too hard
  • Breathe new life into your wardrobe by reviving old favorites and restyling them with confidence
  • Have more fun with your outfits so there’s a lightness in your presence, and an extra pep in your step
  • Get so skilled at creating outfits that it becomes second nature 
  • See yourself in the mirror and think YES!

Already know you're in?

Save your spot early and enjoy $100 EARLY BIRD SAVINGS!

Join the styling bootcamp and...


Tap into your untouched wardrobe and closet shop with purpose. You’ll be delighted by the hidden gems lurking at the bottom of your drawers ready to breakthrough and be seen.


Invigorate your old favorites with a modern touch and gain a fresh perspective that expands your vision of what's possible with what you already own. 


Boost your creativity and enhance your style skills with the styling tools and techniques Elysha shares. Other women will notice how well your outfits are put together.


Update your outfits so they look current and feel true to who you are today. No more outdated outfits!

By the end, you'll feel inspired by your wardrobe and energized in the rest of your life.

Here's What's Included In 

21 Day Outfit Innovation

For  Your Style Mastery

3 LIVE style tutorials with Q & A

(valued at $1000)

Elysha breaks down the art & science of style so you feel effortless in what you wear.

She'll answer all your questions so you feel fully supported on your path of personal style.

(Calls will be recorded.)

Week 1 — The Anatomy Of An Outstanding Outfit

The true foundation to achieve outfit alignment and visual harmony that includes your unique personal touch.

Week 2—Making Memorable Go-To Outfits

The customized formulas that help you confidently get dressed (in a pinch) with ease, and know you look great.

Week  3— Advanced Styling Techniques 

The pro strategies that take your style to the next level, and set you apart. 

You'll Also Get

Professional guidance, outfit inspiration and an intimate laboratory for your experimentation and creation 

Daily outfit prompts

(valued at $250)

To inspire your everyday style choices so they always feel fresh.

Curated resources

(valued at $400)

Tip sheets, workbooks and styling videos to teach you the most effective and impactful strategies for your outfit creation.  

Private Facebook community

(valued at $250)

This is YOUR space for celebrating, asking questions and accountability. You'll also have access to Elysha in between the live training calls here. 

PLUS 2 Special Bonuses 

(valued at $137)

To set you up for absolute success.

This program IS NOT a one size fits all formula with generic styling suggestions. This is about elevating YOUR style to express YOUR full potential.    

No one is teaching these principles in this way. These are the tools Elysha uses with her private clients and on commercial shoots in NYC.

Meet Elysha

Elysha Lenkin is a personal fashion stylist who has helped hundreds of women look incredible. For 20+ years she's styled NYC commercial shoots for big brands, magazines and celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Entertainment Weekly, O The Oprah Magazine, Tina Fey, Serena Williams, and Working Mother.

Elysha Lenkin style reinvention

After seeing the struggle everyday women were having with their style, Elysha pivoted her career. She decided she was going to help women who were frustrated with what they wore, and show them how it could feel fun, creative and like second nature to them too! Today she helps real women reinvent their styles so they love how they look, and show up with more confidence in their lives.

What they say


Elysha always delivers on her promises!

21 Day Outfit Innovation 

 3 weeks in an cozy container that includes:

  • Live style tutorials / Q & A(3 total) =$1000 

  • Daily style prompts = $250 

  • Curated collection of resources = $400 

  • Private Facebook community = $250 



Curated Closet Challenge

A 10 day challenge that guides you toward refining your wardrobe so everything feels relevant to you today. 



The Heart Of Effortless Style

A style guide that explains how to have more ease around getting dressed so you feel comfortable and look good.


Total value = $2044

But Your Investment is $297

Grab your spot now! (Space is limited.)

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Questions You May Have

How is this different from the other style programs out there?

Most other style programs are pre-recorded material. This program is live— which means the content is dynamic & shaped to suit the women involved. While other programs are great at giving lots of information, the content is general to cater to everyone. In 21 Day Outfit Innovation, there are no generic shopping lists that tell you which pants or dress to buy. Each woman’s outfits will look different based on who she is and how she wants to show up. Personal style is not one size fits all, and this program celebrates the individuality of each woman.

What is the refund policy?

This is a final purchase and since the live tutorials are recorded, you’ll have access to everything you need. Once you register, you’ll receive a welcome email within a day so you can prepare for the best experience possible. Sometimes someone wants to cancel at the last minute or finds reasons they can’t attend, and will request a refund. By choosing to enroll, you’re committing to yourself and your desire to level-up in your life. By backing out of this program, you are backing out on yourself. And it's for this reason your purchase is non-refundable.

Whether it's for yourself, to attract a partner, or to up your game at work... 

21 Day outfit innovation 

Shows you how to get dressed in confidence with outfits that are 100% YOU

You can continue doing what you've always done, and wear the same thing that lacks confidence & inspiration... 

Or you can join today, say YES to doing things differently and get MAJOR SUPPORT in your outfit breakthrough.  Plus this is more fun!

21 Day Outfit Innovation

 begins June 2nd 


Want Something Extra?

Go VIP & Get All The Above Plus...

  • 1 one on one call (60 mins) with Elysha
  • Get Elysha's eyes, experience & natural talent to laser in on anything you choose. The focus of these calls could be on your body shape, color palette, outfit feedback, styling ideas, shopping or brand suggestions... you decide! It's customized to YOU.  

VIP Investment: $699 

Join by May 24th and save $100!

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It’s interesting how you start working on one area of your life—like I did with my style— and then you see that you’re improving in other areas of your life. Which is what is happening in my career. I’m standing out in new ways.  It’s multidimensional and it all comes back to how you feel in your clothes.