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Hi! I'm Elysha

I'm a personal stylist who helps busy women get the glow of confidence that comes from looking current in their clothing and feeling amazing in their skin.

I believe that getting dressed doesn't have to be some huge hassle that causes frustration or requires spending a ton of time and money. 

All you need is some self awareness and simple styling know-how to put together outfits that make you feel like the calm, cool and collected woman you want to be. 

How can I help you get the glow of confidence that comes from knowing how to dress right for you?

Elysha Lenkin Personal Stylist Online

I NEED Guidance On What To Wear!

In this highly personalized experience I listen to your needs around how you want to look, and create a detailed plan that gets you feeling amazing in everything you wear. You'll discover exactly which elements of style suit your body, your taste and your life for more confidence all around.

Elysha Lenkin personal stylist

I NEED A closet Cleanout!

Renew your style by streamlining your wardrobe into a collection of pieces that reflect you best. After this experience, you'll have less stress over what to wear, and an overall sense of lightness in your mind, body and life.

elysha lenkin personal stylist

I NEED To Shop My Closet!

Break out of your wardrobe rut by reinventing pieces you already own! When you work through my personal stylist technique to create a new outfit, you'll be surprised at how much fun you can have putting together fresh outfits that you'll be excited to wear. 

What Others Say


Not only did Elysha’s system help me let go of all that no longer serves me, it lifted me. I literally feel lighter and unburdened. After clearing out the crap I can see clearly what is there to help express the me I am today. 

Arul Goldman

Holistic Healer


Elysha and I "shopped" through my closet and reinvented my wardrobe - on FaceTime! She really has an eye for fashion. She put beautiful outfits together for me that I never would have thought of wearing.

Marci Cheary


​​​Before my closet cleanout, I had some clothes that I really loved, but never quite knew how to wear them, or even if I should be wearing them. With Elysha’s help, I was able to create so many new outfits with items I already had in my closet. I felt like I was shopping in my own stash of clothes!

Annika Howe


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