You've changed.

your clothes have not.

Hi! I'm Elysha — 

The Personal Stylist for midlife career women who keep getting stuck on what to wear.

You're in the right place if your style doesn't do it for you anymore.

Either your body changed and you don't know how to dress. Or you have too many clothes, and don't want to wear anything.

You want a fresh style, but you keep buying and wearing the same things. 

You’re playing it safe.

Because there’s a lot at stake! Nobody wants to risk looking foolish or feeling bad about themselves.

That’s why having certainty around your clothing choices is key.

Here's how to do this:

design your style to Reflect your evolving identity so it SUPPORTs YOUR NEXT STAGE IN LIFE!

Closet clearout

shop your closet

Create your signature style

What would you like to know?


I help my clients become confident curators of their clothing and style so they feel certain every time they get dressed.



I've spent most of my career on the sets of NYC commercial shoots styling thousands of people including Tina Fey, Carrie Underwood and Serena Williams.



My focus now is empowering midlife professional women to make informed fashion choices so they love how they look and feel confident in their clothes.



Let's hop on a call to discuss your specific situation to see which styling option suits you best!

Which one describes your personal style?

"I Need a reinvention!"

In this high touch experience we'll work through my signature 3 step styling system to align your wardrobe with the next stage in life. (Without a major shopping haul!)

"I Need A Closet Cleanout!"

If you’re passing over 80% of your clothes because they don’t fit, don’t look good, or you don’t like them anymore it’s time to let stuff go. You'll be surprised at how free you feel once you streamline your wardrobe into a collection of YOU pieces which is exactly what you'll do in the Closet Revival!

"I Need To Shop My Closet!"

Break out of your wardrobe rut by reimagining pieces you already own! In 21 Day Outfit Innovation you'll boost your creativity and sharpen your styling skills while tapping into your untouched wardrobe and reinvigorating your current clothes. 

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Meet some of my styling clients


Thanks Elysha for taking the time and personal care to help me establish my style! You are so full of knowledge, and your feedback was on target.

Beth Sworobuk


 / Fashion Blogger


Elysha addressed my style challenges with kindness, and now I have clarity on my body shape and a clear vision for my style.

Sue Morgan

/ Fashion Blogger


Elysha's years as a successful fashion stylist shine through in her very customized approach - her advice is based on lifestyle, taste & body shape. She shows that fashion can be fun! I feel inspired by my clothes again! 

Annika Howe

/ Fashion Blogger

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