What Do You Want To Create In Midlife?

If time and money weren’t an issue and you could do anything you wanted, what would that be? It’s a big question that may feel daunting […]

The Truth On Dressing Body Types

Do you know about body types? It’s that thing where you break down your body into a shape — like rectangle, circle, triangle, inverted triangle or […]
When I got into the fashion industry - on the 90s- people didn't know what the job "stylist" was. I'd always have to explain that I shop for a living which made it sound cool and glamorous - which it was sometimes. But mostly I just suffered severe blows to my self confidence. Here's how working in this industry messed with my self esteem, and how I got my confidence back. I think you'll be surprised at what I share!

How The Fashion Industry Killed My Confidence

I got into the fashion industry in the 90s. It was before the job “stylist” was out there. A real behind the scenes position before #bts […]

Which Of These Fashion Faux Pas Are You Making?

None—there’s no such thing as a fashion faux pas when your style is your way of being. If you’re intentionally using your clothes to express yourself, […]

How To Wear White Boots

After 18 months of pandemic living, I was ready to LIVE IT UP in the style department. I thought a pair of white boots would do […]
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OOTD Solutions! Easy Fix For When Your Outfit Feels Wrong

As I was putting together my OOTD (outfit of the day) recently, I ran into a major styling issue. At first everything seemed to come together […]

Fun Ways To Wear A Cardigan Sweater

One of my favorite things to do when I buy something new is figure out how to wear it in multiple ways. Recently, I purchased a […]
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How I Shop My Closet To Outfit Plan For The Week

I’ve always loved to shop my closet because it not only helps put together new looks, it shows me what’s working in my wardrobe and what […]
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How To Match Clothes Into Stylish Layered Outfits

One of the biggest issues I hear from women is that they don’t know how to match clothes to create layered outfits. When they look in […]

What’s My Style Now That My Body Changed?

I hear from a lot of women who have gained weight and they hate how their clothes fit. It’s a difficult situation. They’re uncomfortable, and always […]

How She Stopped Settling For Clothes That Didn’t Fit Or Feel Good

How often do you settle for clothes that either don’t fit, or you don’t love? For my client Valerie Smith, it was a regular occurrence because […]

Essential Items To Complete Your Wardrobe

You know those style posts that talk about the essential items every woman needs for a complete wardrobe? Things like a classic white button down top, […]