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Since working with Elysha I have no more self doubt about what I wear. I’m putting on clothes that I’m comfortable in, and that match me. And what I’m hearing from others is, YOU LOOK GREAT!

Mo Faul 

Career Coach 

Click play on the video below to hear how working with Elysha has helped free Mo up from the stress and worry of getting dressed for her high level business events!

I was comparing myself to lots of different women that I was working with in executive circles and I just felt like something was off and I couldn't put the pieces of the puzzle together on my own.

I have fewer clothes, far fewer shoes, but about triple the number of outfits. Elysha saved me from buying things —which was my habit —that just weren't going to work. So she has saved me probably 1000s of dollars that I would have spent. And I now know exactly what to wear even with jewelry and shoes.

MaryAnn Gramig

executive leadership development coach,

I wasn't even aware something like this existed and then even when I saw this service the first time I thought sadly, "I don't deserve to spend this kind of money on myself. I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I have family obligations." And deep down inside as a female, I have not allowed myself to invest in myself in such a huge way.

 My husband saw the transformation almost like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, and he said, clearly you feel really great!

Julie Spurbeck

senior director in healthcare

Click play on the video below to hear how Julie now spends less money on clothes, but feels more fabulous than ever! 

Everything is easy now because I have eliminated everything that I didn't like 100%. I make smart purchases and I have no doubts anymore. I just wear what I want to wear. Thank you for this incredible comfort. 


Before working with Elysha, I had a sense of how I wanted to look, but was lacking direction and the mastery to pull together all the things I loved into one harmony. 

I needed the coaching to break out of covid-induced dressing habits. I would not have tried my new colors nor layered pieces as she suggested (and I found I loved) without Elysha's encouragement. It was certainly fun but it wasn't all play (in a good way). I found that it really takes planning and strategy and some discipline to build success, but once that foundation was established, I had so many more wardrobe options.

I have learned concepts I will carry with me for many fashion seasons.


Manager, Strategic Operations & Analytics

Before working with Elysha, I don't think I knew what my style was. I liked everything and bought everything, hoping something would work. But without direction, my closet exploded over time with so many styles.

I now have a clear idea of what works for me, how to shop, and how to refine my wardrobe.  When you work with Elysha, you feel uplifted by how you look. I never once felt that I *should* look a certain way. I just discovered what I liked on me. Working with Elysha is an investment not only in your style, but your confidence in how you spend money.


Wildlife biologist

My looks used to be all over the place. I knew I needed new clothes, but I was stumped now that I'm 40. And I was tired of buying things I didn't love, but then kept in my closet for years because I didn't want to "waste my money".  

Elysha schooled me on fashion! 

She really listened and gave me an individualized plan. So now I feel stylish and confident. I have clarity in what works for my body and what feels good on. I feel much more confident showing up in video and in photos for my business. 

Emily Reagan

Digital Marketing Expert

Nothing I wore  ever looked as good as I thought it would. 

Working to level up my career gave me impetus to take action, and I hired Elysha!

Our month of working together required me to focus on fashion and my appearance. I became aware of a wider array of colors, styles, brands and some easy accessory fixes to build out my professional wardrobe and make better use of pieces I retained. Elysha is positive, energetic, and fun to work with. She is also super knowledgeable and shares innumerable resources and strategies that helped me level up my workwear game.

If you need to freshen up your look, hiring Elysha is well worth the investment and effort.



Social Science Library Leader

Click play on the video below to hear how Valerie stopped wearing all the negative messages she was sending herself by wearing clothes that didn't fit well.

Valerie Smith

Acupuncturist / traditional chinese medicine wellness mentor

You made a difference in my life! I dress differently and think differently about my wardrobe and my body!


If you are thinking about up-leveling your closet, Elysha is great at finding your style, seeing what works with what you already have, and helping you value your beauty from within.


Before working with Elysha, I felt frumpy and uncomfortable in my clothes. Most of them didn’t fit well since my body changed with peri-menopause.

With Elysha’s help, I was able to identify areas of my body I wanted to flaunt and learned how to highlight them as well as how to downplay other areas.  

She helped me figure out my style and develop confidence so I could feel good about my clothes again.

Laura R.  //  New Hampshire

Working with Elysha was fantastic! Before we started I didn't know what to expect but she did so much more than help me with my wardrobe. She helped me find my body confidence!

Beverly // South Carolina

Elysha and I did a "closet-ectomy" and now I have a flattering sense of my own style without having to buy an entirely new wardrobe!  

She made me feel good about the clothes I already had, helped me to mix them up for flattering outfits and strategically add in a few pieces for variety.

Jennifer M.

VP of Product Management

I did not realize how much my overstuffed closet and style rut were negatively impacting me.

Having Elysha help me sort out my closet and get my style act together was the best money I have ever spent! I learned A LOT from her!

Julie F.

Before working with Elysha, I felt really stuck and like I’d given up. I knew it was time to do something because I literally had no idea what I was going to wear outside of my house after spending most of the past year inside, wearing black. 


Elysha helped me gain so much more than just some new clothes. I feel so much more confident. I feel my style groove coming back, and I feel so much more motivated to look beyond wearing the same old thing everyday. Her process helps you find your own personal style— that you already have. So buying clothes and styling are so much more streamlined because they come from who you are.

Krysty  Krywko 

Founder Sober Wild

Elysha will listen to your needs/wants, and guide you through a process of "seeing" what's possible. She'll suggest clothes to buy and wear together, and explain how they work for the person. 

She was very good to work with; easy going, informative, professional. She stays on task, and has a sense of humor.

 I now have more confidence that I can choose clothes that look good on me.

Ellen Eubanks


In April my oldest daughter got married. I packed five different outfits for four days of events. At the first event I dressed for, I walked in and my 30 year old son said “Mom, that’s a great outfit." And the next day he said, “Another really nice outfit, Mom.”

So Elysha, I’m killing it! You’re helping me. And people are noticing!

Aleta Norris

Best Selling Author

If I didn't work with Elysha, I'd still be self conscious and would never really develop a sense of style or feel good in what I was wearing.

Working with Elysha is like investing in a college course. It’s knowledge that you’ll never forget. I can apply what I’ve learned from her for the rest of my life. So when I was considering working with her, I saw the experience paying for itself.

Click play on the video to hear how Laura went from feeling frumpy to learning how to make fashion work for her!

Laura Mangum

Teaching Professional

Prior to working with Elysha my clothing choices focused on trying to hide flaws (my imperfect tummy and muffin top).

After working with Elysha, I reclaimed a lot of my time. (Time I wasted trying on multiple outfits before deciding what to wear, wasted time shopping for things that didn't work for me, and wasted time returning the items I bought.) Now I have the knowledge of what looks good on me and I know how to accentuate the positive about my body. I feel more confident. This allows the real me to shine.

Erin S.  //  New Jersey

You made it a very safe space to experiment, and it's all about the psychological safety because this is a tender spot for women. We're told everyday that we're not the right whatever. So you are wonderful in the way you coach your clients.



Elysha helped me refine my style during a time of tremendous change for me: graying hair, severe weight loss, and a growing new career. 

Wendy Delmater Thies   


Before working with Elysha, I felt limited in my style. I wore the same style of slacks (and colors!), the same work shoes every day, and then I just changed out the tops. I wanted to be more stylish, but I didn't know where to begin. 


My biggest win from working with Elysha was learning how to recognize style elements in clothing.  I never knew the "tech" of styling.  For many this comes naturally, but I had to be taught how to look and identify certain elements and how best to pair them with other clothing elements.  I look at clothes much differently now.  And once I learned my colors and formulas, shopping became easier.  I knew what to look for and didn't feel overwhelmed shopping.  It's an entirely new game - on a completely different level - than what it was before working with Elysha.

Mary Ann  // US

I needed to "rediscover" some items that had been gathering dust in my closet and learn how to put things together differently, but also add a bit more pizazz to the mix by getting back into skirts, dresses and bolder choices.

Elysha's process was very individualized, yet structured. I was emboldened to try a few new things I never thought I would. Not because I felt pressured, but INSPIRED by my new outlook (via Elysha). Getting suggestions for how to put things together differently, whether it is a color combination or items you never thought of putting together was INVALUABLE.

Klara Hicks  //  Attorney

Elysha really helps you pin down what your individual style is so you understand how to choose clothes that let your unique personality shine.

Marlo Hill  //  California

I feel like I have way more to wear than ever before, and that’s after you helped me get rid of 5 extra-large bags of clothes!

You are so friendly and easy to spend time with. You have such a talent for breezing through an entire store, and identifying just a handful of things I should even spend time trying on. You have a nice standard for what warrants spending my money on. You really took the time to understand my lifestyle.

Julie Shah  //  Texas

Elysha gave me brilliant recommendations in an easy and clear way for how to play up the areas I love about my shape, and play down the areas I struggle with.

I love that I can now go shopping and look for exactly the types of clothes that I know will flatter my shape, and 9 times out of 10 they do exactly that. For Elysha has helped take the guesswork out, and the dread of going into the fitting room to be bitterly disappointed. Thank you Elysha!

Alissia Knight  //  UK


Before working with Elysha, I didn’t know what my style was. I thought I was just a mom who needed to get out the door looking as polished as possible.

But now, after this experience, I have uncovered my identity. I have a new understanding of my body and who I am, and what I like to wear. I know what clothes look good on me, and how to put it all together into a style that’s mine.

Jessica Loparco  //  New York

Elysha changed my world - she literally transformed my closet!

Where I once thought I had nothing to wear, and was prepared to buy more, my session with Elysha revealed that I have a variety of current, comfortable outfits. She has an exquisite eye for style, a true understanding of the relationship between self and style, and is an all around extraordinary person to work with.

Jamie Kesterson //  CA

Going through my closet with Elysha was energizing!

She brought her warmth and charm into my home and rejuvenated items in my closet. By the time she left I had so many "new outfits" all from my own wardrobe. Elysha is also an invaluable source to shop with, and fun to boot! She kept me on track, yet there was room for inspiration at the right moments. Elysha's shopping advice has influenced the way I shop now, so much so, that many of my bad shopping habits are no longer there.

Kim okochi

Elysha’s styling talent has been a major contribution to the many photoshoots we’ve worked on together.

She has a strong sense of style, and brings a great energy to the set. I have witnessed many clients and models relax while working with Elysha as she ensures everyone looks amazing.

Terry Doyle


Elysha’s styling process is not just about making room in your closet which is an amazing bonus of course! !

I can literally slide my hangers back and forth with plenty of space to actually see what’s in there! But more than that it’s about identifying who you are today, with love and acceptance. And finally letting go of who you once were or think you should be. Not only did Elysha’s system help me to unload and let go of the physical crap that no longer serves me and literally holds me back and weighs me down, it lifted me. I literally feel lighter and unburdened. I realize now that by having less I actually have MORE because I can see and access and utilize the things I DO have.  After clearing out the crap I can see clearly what is there to help express the me I am today.

Arul Goldman  //  New York

Working with Elysha exceeded my expectations. She's fun, thought provoking, and her expertise shines through with her extensive feedback!

Josie Grundy  //  Elmira, Ontario

As a singer/songwriter who has been working in the music industry for years, I can say without a doubt that Elysha Lenkin is my favorite stylist to work with.

She has an exceptional eye for creating looks that are both relevant and forward thinking, and has helped me greatly in the development of my style and brand as a performer. Elysha is also lovely to work with, incredibly professional, and has an intuitive way of knowing and coming up with exactly what each client and circumstance desires.  I love working with her and plan on working with her for years to come.

Katy Pfaffl  //  Recording Artist & Broadway Actress

Thank you again for the best day of styling I’ve ever had. My goodness did you nail me!!

Liz Vaccariello  //  Editor in Chief

This was one of our best events.

Elysha was so clear, positive, and nonjudgmental. She provided oodles of pragmatic approaches to forming a signature style while being positive and inspirational. Thank you for this presentation!

Elysha understands how lifestyle meets fashion and style, and considers the entire person when attacking the Style Reinvention.

She can work with any budget because she knows high fashion does not have to mean high credit card bills. She is warm, kind and real, and when you invite someone into your closet, which can be a very personal experience, you want to know it’s someone you can trust.

Helen Polise

Executive Producer and Director muthership

Elysha and I "shopped" through my closet and reinvented my wardrobe - on zoom!

I was desperate for a closet cleanout! Clothes I hadn't worn in years were cluttering up my closet, and I was struggling whether to throw them out. There were shirts, skirts and pants that I liked, but couldn't figure out how best to wear them. Elysha helped me with all of that! She really has an eye for fashion. She put beautiful outfits together for me that I never would have thought of wearing. And I was having so much fun I wanted to keep going even after my time had ended! Working with Elysha as an online stylist, and being on zoom didn't affect the quality of our time. It felt like she was right in the room with me. She was so kind and fun to work with. I highly recommend her!

Marci Cheary  // New York

Before working with Elysha, I had some clothes that I really loved, but never quite knew how to wear them, or what to wear them with, or even if I should be wearing them.

With Elysha’s help, I was able to create so many new outfits with items I already had in my closet. I felt like I was shopping in my own stash of clothes!  Her years as a successful fashion stylist shine through in her very customized approach - her advice is based on my lifestyle, taste & body shape. Our session was so fun - it felt as if we were simply playing in my closet & the time went by much too quickly. Elysha’s energy is fantastic and infectious in the best possible way - fashion can be fun! I feel inspired by my clothes again and am back to being excited about my closet.

Annika Howe //  Producer / Founder

Elysha always comes to mind when I have real people portraits.

She’s got great taste and knows how to create one-of-a -kind outfits that will flatter any figure. Her upbeat energy is contagious, and she makes everyone feel comfortable and positive. Her wardrobe fittings are fun!
In the 5 years that I’ve been hiring Elysha, I’ve seen many people transformed by her styling.

rebecca simpson steele, photo director