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5 Easy Tips To Make The Switch From A Summer To Fall Look

    The end of summer heatwave (the one that gave me a massive sunburn on my shoulders last weekend) seems to be finally clearing out for the crisp autumn breeze. And as the no-longer steamy temps blow in a breath of fresh air, they also bring in a major wardrobe conundrum leaving many of us wondering what the hell to wear.

    Just this morning, I opened my closet only to find a great big question mark.

    When the day begins at a cool 60-something, my layers worn for the school drop off, cause me to break a sweat by high noon. And while I’m happy to leave the scorching days behind, I still feel quite comfy in my open toe sandals and summer tops.

    Well, the good news is you don’t have to stop wearing your warm weather faves in order to introduce some fall staples.

    Here are 5 easy switch-ups to transition your look from summer to fall.

    1. Break out your dark wash jeans.

    I know, I’m usually all about color, but a pair of dark wash or even black (yes- I’m suggesting black!) jeans looks fresh when put with a cute white blouse. Cuff the pants at the ankles, and step into your sandals for a still-summer but ready-for-fall feel.

    2. Pop on a pair of ankle boots with your dress.

    Don’t put your lightweight skirts and dresses away just yet! Wear them with your leather ankle boots instead of sandals to march soundly into the new season.

    3. Swap out pale polish for a richer shade.

    Sorry to say– the days for your sheer nude nails are numbered. But don’t worry– your deep berry toes will look fab as they peek out of your open toe shoes. Make the change now!

    4. Throw on a denim jacket.

    Boom! Summer to fall. Done.

    Swap out this crew neck sweater for a thin cardigan + shell
    Swap out this crew neck sweater for a thin cardigan + shell

    5. Go seasonless.

    This is a term we use often for photo shoot styling. The advertising client doesn’t want to pigeonhole their campaign into a particular time of year so the wardrobe direction is usually to style them seasonless.

    Try a pair of cropped cigarette pants with a sleeveless shell and cardigan then add ballet flats- no socks. I love when this look is tonal…almost in a classic Audrey Hepburn kind of way.

    What’s your go-to for summer to fall dressing?

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