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6 Stylist Steps To Create An Outfit You Can’t Wait To Wear (That Won’t Cost A Thing!)

    These 6 Stylist Steps are for you if you are stuck in a wardrobe rut where you’ve lost all motivation to put together outfits you're excited to wear.

    Are you stuck in a wardrobe rut where you’ve lost all motivation to put together outfits that you’re excited to wear?

    Or do you turn on autopilot each morning when it’s time to get dressed…throwing on what you’ve consistently relied on to get out the door looking presentable?

    If this is you, then it’s time for some outfit inspo along with a strategy on how to better create looks you love.

    Because once you’re dressing in these types of outfits — the ones that make you look and feel AWESOME, you’ll have more confidence overall!

    In my 20 year styling career on commercial sets and with private clients, I’ve discovered a few key ingredients that when mixed together will create an outfit you not only love, but you’re excited to wear.

    I’ve compiled these ingredients into a 6 step process that you can do at home with your closet. You don’t need to buy anything new to get the outfit you love. You just need to be ready to reinvigorate your style!

    These 6 Stylist Steps are for you if you are stuck in a wardrobe rut where you’ve lost all motivation to put together outfits you're excited to wear.


    Here Are My 6 Stylist Steps To Make An Outfit You Can’t Wait To Wear

    1. Pick Out Something New

    This doesn’t mean go out and buy a new item. It means find something already in your closet that you never really wear anymore. So it’s new to your current outfit rotation. There’s a reason you initially bought this piece, and you probably loved it at some point. Maybe it’s been hidden in the back of your closet so you haven’t been able to see it, and you forgot it’s there. Or perhaps you do know it’s there, but can’t be bothered to try and figure out how to wear it. That’s what we are going to do.

    2. Add In Something Comfortable

    This is going to help you actually wear the outfit that we’re creating. If you know it’s comfortable then you’re more apt to put it on! An example could be the cashmere turtleneck sweater that feels cozy on your skin. Or maybe it’s your Stan Smith Adidas sneakers. You know these feel comfortable for hours! Or it might be your high rise skinny jeans that keep your tummy tucked in just the right amount which allows you to feel free to move through your day. Put them on!

    3. Integrate Your Signature

    This is your signature statement; that part of your outfit that’s uniquely you. Now don’t confuse your signature piece with your same old thing. Your same old thing is that item you always wear because you know it works. (Um… yoga pants, anyone?) But it’s certainly not exciting to put on. Your signature is something you often wear because it’s your statement to the world. People recognize this statement as yours.

    4. Choose Something Special

    This could definitely be a sentimental item, like a scarf that your grandmother knitted. It could also be a celebrational piece, like the leather handbag you bought yourself after landing that huge client. The point of putting this piece into your outfit is it makes you happy. So find something in your wardrobe that…yes– I’m going to say it…sparks joy☺.

    5. Throw In Something Unexpected

    To elevate your outfit into Wow-This-Is-Really-Cool territory, you must include an element of surprise. Would you add a pop of color, or crazy print on the collar of the shirt worn underneath your sweater? Or how about having your necklace strand drape down your back instead? Play around with what works. But this is the time to have fun!

    6. Go For Something That Makes You Say YES

    This is completely straight forward. You know it when you see it…that one item that you’re so excited to wear because it accomplishes all of the above! Jumpsuits and dresses can often make you say YES because of how easy they are to help you create an outfit you love.

    When it’s time to get into your closet, and put together this amazing outfit, you don’t have to find things that fall into all 6 categories. Aim to cover 3 of the 6 steps to get you going. If you can find more, definitely bring them in. But don’t overthink it, and get caught up in finding the perfect pieces.

    Remember, you’re not going for perfection.

    You’re going for what you love💜.

    Check out this video to see the 6 Stylist Steps in action as I demo the process to create an outfit I could not wait to wear.

    Click Here To Download the Stylist Steps And Tape Them To Your Closet To Remind You How To Create An Outfit You Love

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