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September Hustle Got You Like…

    Now that it’s September, there’s a hustle + bustle filling the air which may feel as if it’s pulling you in all directions. Like you need to do everything that was put off during summer, and it must be done right away!

    I feel you.

    Productivity and taking care of biz are definitely high priority, but I’d like to give you one quick reminder as you rev up to the full speed of the season…take it easy.

    Taking it easy as always been my struggle. Easy meant slow. And boring. I saw no progress in easy.

    But as I deal with an injury that has forced me into slow down mode, I’m redefining what easy means…

    Bring more ease into your life by shifting your mindset on what taking it easy means. As a result you'll feel more connected in your mind, body and life.

    Easy simply means bringing more EASE into what you do. 

    The progress comes in the slowdown that gets you more connected, and brings more awareness into your mind, body and life. You may even find joy.

    So as you’re hustling to get it all done, take a sec to step back, and remind yourself to take it easy.

    Here’s a little technique that may help:

    • Count backwards slowly from 11 down.
    • If you forget what number you’re on, start over at 11. 
    • Once you get to 1, go back to your activity

    But now do it with ease.. with or without the Y.

    Speaking of easy….


    If you’re looking to bring more ease into your day, and reinvigorate the rest of your life with the confidence that comes from knowing how to make yourself look AWESOME, book your complimentary style clarity call. Let’s create a plan for you to up-level what you’re wearing so you renew your sense of style and feel amazing in your clothes.


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