Holistic Fitness Review: Strong Core Workout

Holistic Fitness Review: Strong Core Workout

A strong core is key to being in your most amazing shape ever. Not only does it hold you up better in good posture, but by staying connected to your core, you feel more grounded and centered. Plus, I don’t think anyone will disagree that a tight tummy looks awesome!

I’ve always been big in working the abdominals, and finding ways to integrate this type of strengthening into everything I do. Like when I’m standing around, or walking, I try to remember to pull my belly into the spine. And when I’m engaging in other exercises, whether it’s spinning or yoga, I make sure to keep my core involved to help me use my other muscles better which helps prevent injury.

So even though I’m pretty mindful about engaging my abs in most activities, sometimes I turn to a straightforward core workout to really get the muscles strong.

In my next video, I tested out an exercise routine that includes a series of crunches that use a chair as a prop. It’s only about 12 minutes long so you can easily integrate this workout into your regular exercise routine by doing it right before you cool down. I think it would really complement a running program and yoga as both these activities rely on a strong center.

Click play to watch this strong core workout, and make sure to stick around to the end where I give my review so you can decide if it’s something you want to add into your exercise routine. (Just a little FYI: my abs were killing **in a good way** later that day.)

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