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It’s All About The Bounce Back

    As much as I despise when it happens — there are times when I let the little things get to me.
    It could be getting stuck in  Friday afternoon Holland Tunnel traffic (when I’m not leaving town!), or a UPS shipping debacle (which is built into my job)– my body turns tense while my mind goes nuts. The rage build ups and consumes my being.

    It makes me feel terrible.
    And 99.9% of the time, it’s not worth it!

    But it happens.
    And it’s okay.
    We can’t be the have-it-all-together types all of the time, right?

    So when I fall off track, it’s about bringing back the balance.

    The resilience factor is everything.
    I know there will be times when I’ll get effected by outside (often uncontrollable) circumstances.
    Can I allow that to happen, and then bring myself back into balance?

    It’s not easy & it takes practice.
    It’s useful to know what I can do to regain my equillibrium.

    Writing helps.
    It’s like therapy for me — I can just get it all out there (without sounding like a crazy lady to others).
    Deep breathing also works.
    And so does immersing myself into the sweet natures of M & G.

    But most importantly, I just remind myself of what really matters.

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