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Moving To A Greener Complexion: Lip + Cheek Tint

    Mind Body Soul Stylist |

    Mind Body Soul Stylist |
    When I first set out to green my complexion, I was super inspired by what seemed like a whole world of clean beauty waiting for me to try. As I was introduced to brands like RMS Beauty, I thought WOW this is amazing! I’m able to stop using products with gross ingredients AND my skin is looking great.

    But then I hit a wall.

    Particularly with make up. It’s not easy finding clean and effective cosmetics.

    So it was a pleasant surprise when a friend turned me on to Tata Harper, a nontoxic beauty innovator who set out to create a line as impressive as La Mer and Botox, without any of the chemicals. All the products are made on a farm in Vermont where Ms. Harper lives.

    Her anti-aging serums look pretty fantastic, but I began with the Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint, a 2 in 1 deal that’s formulated to work with an inside-out approach — moisturizing deeply while providing an outward boost.

    The packaging is elegant, a little green pot that makes application a cinch. As a blush, I dab a bit on my cheekbones (from the outer corner of the eye, draw your finger down to reach the right spot) for a sheer, yet noticeable rosiness. For lips, it’s the same thing — a subtle pop of natural color.

    The fact that it’s a cream, rather than powder, is perfect for the drying winter months. And the range of colors goes from petal pink to ruby red.

    Tata Harper’s products aren’t cheap. (She confessed to previously spending upward of $500 on a serum!) At $35 per pot, it’s more than most charge for blush though I am still working through the one I bought three months ago. Plus, this line is widely accessible– one of the few clean beauty brands in Sephora.

    For my low maintenance makeup routine, bringing in this lip and cheek tint has made a difference — it’s subtle, yet gives me a little glow.

    Buy Tata Harper’s Lip and Cheek Tint Here.

    What do you use on your cheeks and lips?

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