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As you prepare to go on video, how much thought goes into your outfits? Are they camera ready?

As a personal fashion stylist, I know what looks good on video. So to help you prepare for your next on camera-experience, here’s 2 tips to get you looking your best!

Style tips to look good on video, are you camera ready text with image of a camera.

Don’t Be A Top-Body Dresser

When preparing your camera ready look, pay attention to your whole outfit. This helps shift you into an elevated energy of who you want to be & how you want to present. Use your clothes —like a tool —to help you shift into that energy. If your scrubby sweats or yoga pants elevate your energy, by all means wear your scrubby sweats or yoga pants. But my suggestion is to dress as if you’re sitting in front of the client who is about to invest 10k for your offer. Put on a WHOLE OUTFIT!

Accessorize With Confidence

Accessories have the ability to showcase your individual style, and draw attention to your face. Choose pieces that highlight your facial features while giving people a glimpse into who you are!

Use color in the same way—choose tones that compliment your skin and make you look vibrant. Your audience will notice that you look great, but they may not be able to pinpoint exactly why…that’s the power of accessorizing with confidence.

By paying attention to your whole outfit and using accessories (and color) to elevate your look, you’ll feel more put together. And when you exude that feeling of knowing you look good, others will be inspired by your presence.

If you need help figuring out what clothes will make you look your best, let’s talk! Book a complimentary call and we’ll discuss getting you into your most flattering clothes for upcoming videos and beyond. Click here to book your call.