Thoughtful Styling For A Confidently Expressed life

My approach to style is holistic. This means that instead of focusing only on the clothes, we look at you — the woman wearing the clothes — and how you can move through life feeling comfortable, confident and free.

“If you are thinking about up-leveling your closet, Elysha is great at finding your style, showing what works with what you already have, and helping you value your beauty from within.” 


Which Styling Option Is Right For You?

Book A Complimentary Call

The best place to begin when you're ready for an upgrade. Let's hop on a call to discuss your style — where you're at, where you want to be and how I can help you get there.

Style Reinvention

In this high touch experience we'll work through my signature 3 step styling system to align your wardrobe with the next stage in life. (Without a major shopping haul!)

Total Style Refresh

Get the on-demand styling program to help you shop smarter, effortlessly create your outfits and love how you look.

Outfit Innovation

In this self study styling bootcamp, you'll reinvigorate your current clothes into fresh looks. Perfect if you've got a lot of clothes you want to wear more!

Closet Revival

Join the virtual wardrobe purge party on January 20, 2024 to clear your clothes and create space for your most confident style!

Corporate Events

Targeted workshops to support career-driven women in using personal style to achieve professional success and greater satisfaction in their personal lives.

Girl Got Style

Styling for teens! Workshops, fashion parties and 1:1 styling.

"Elysha’s holistic approach to styling helps women use their clothes as tools to express themselves and look at themselves in a whole new way. And this impacts how they interact in the world. I love her approach because it's not all about shopping for new things!"

Get 5 Ways To Flatter Your Body Shape

Get the free style guide that helps you stop worrying about what to wear, and start loving how you look!

5 Ways

to Flatter Your Body Shape

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