Elevate Your Image: Express Your Success

Whether YOUR LOOK needs a tweak in color, fit or overall aesthetic, I'll show you HOW to use your clothes to create a captivating style that highlights your body and feels undeniably YOU!

Which Styling Option Is Best For You?

Book A Complimentary Call

The best place to begin when you're ready for an upgrade. Let's hop on Zoom to discuss your situation — where you're at, where you want to be and how I can help you get there. 


Style Reinvention

In this high touch experience we'll work through my signature styling system to align your wardrobe with your next stage in life.  LEARN MORE

A Week's Worth Of Outfits

Update your style in 2 weeks with this customized 1:1 experience, which has helped 100s of midlife women get a flattering sense of their own style without buying anything new. LEARN MORE

Total Style Refresh

If you're ready to build a confident and stylish image, this comprehensive self-study program covers everything from body shape and color analysis to closet clearing, deliberate shopping, and more!


Outfit Innovation

For the woman who is ready to reinvigorate her wardrobe and ramp up her personal style (without buying anything new). This DIY bootcamp will help you sharpen your styling skills and breathe new life into your wardrobe.   LEARN MORE

Closet Revival

If your wardrobe is bogged down with clothes that don't fit or feel right, and you want a structured system to clear your closet (in a way you’d NEVER do on your own), this DIY program is for you!  LEARN MORE

Outfit Magic Styling Challenge

Take the DIY Challenge and revamp your wardrobe using items you already own. Learn styling techniques that will give you confidence in your fashion choices every time you get dressed.


Corporate Events

Targeted workshops to support career-driven women in using personal style to achieve professional success and greater satisfaction in their personal lives.  LEARN MORE

Girl Got Style

Styling for teens! Workshops, fashion parties and 1:1 styling. LEARN MORE

My Clients Get Results 🤩

"I love Elysha's approach because it's not all about shopping for new things!"

"Elysha’s holistic approach to styling helps women use their clothes as tools to express themselves and look at themselves in a whole new way. And this impacts how they interact in the world."

Laura M.

"Now I open up my closet and have choices!"

"Since working with Elysha, I am more picky. I won’t settle for anything that doesn’t fit, or feel right or doesn’t look good."


"I now have a clear idea of what works for me, how to shop, and how to refine my wardrobe."

"When you work with Elysha, you feel uplifted by how you look. I never once felt that I *should* look a certain way. I just discovered what I liked on me. Working with Elysha is an investment not only in your style, but your confidence in how you spend money."


5 Ways To Highlight Your Body 

Get the free guide that shows how to use your clothing to compliment your body so you love how you look and feel amazing in what you wear!