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Style Reinvention 3 months


Join Elysha for your Style Reinvention and get personalized, high-touch support tailored to your unique situation. Through a combination of style discovery, closet refinements, outfit styling, and deliberate shopping, Elysha will help you curate a complimentary and versatile wardrobe. 

If you’re seeking a seasonal style upgrade and wish to have expert guidance and support to successfully see it through, this one-on-one experience is for you!

In 3 months you can expect to:


1. Define Your Style Details

Discover the perfect colors, cuts and styles that compliment your body shape, proportions, and coloring. With this foundation, you can confidently choose clothing that highlights your natural features and makes you look your best. 


2. Refine Your Wardrobe

Clear outdated pieces that no longer align with your current, body, taste and lifestyle. Then remix your existing items into innovative, inspiring outfit combinations to maximize the potential of what you own.


3. Design Your Signature Looks

Create versatile go-to outfits by deliberately shopping for items that fill your wardrobe gaps, and go well with your favorite pieces. You’ll end up with fresh, stylish looks that reflect your personal style and suit your life.


4. Get Stylist Approved Shopping Picks

Based on your unique preferences, lifestyle, and existing wardrobe, Elysha will curate a selection of personalized recommendations, including stores, brands, and specific items that will not only complement your current clothing collection but also elevate your overall style, ensuring a cohesive and sophisticated look.



Styling consultations take place on Zoom for the duration of 3 months (bi-weekly, 45 mins each).

Styling support includes digital lookbooks to easily access your shopping picks and favorite go-to outfits, simplifying your daily routine.


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