RYS Day 2


How did it go yesterday with your foundational words for your signature style? It's nice to use these words as your north star, and think of them whenever you face a styling uncertainty. They'll help keep you aligned with how you want to look and feel.

(If you need to catch up, click this link for the Day 1 email + styling tutorial)

OK! Moving on to Day 2!

Let’s get clarity around your styling non-negotiables.

These are the needs you have around what you wear. They make your outfit functional. And the more clear you are on your outfit needs, the more likely you'll actually want to wear your signature look because it'll fit into your lifestyle!


Go to your closet and look through your wardrobe.

Pick out 5 items that you wear most. It could be a top, a jacket, a dress, a skirt…whichever pieces you immediately gravitate towards as part of your regular outfit rotation. Pull them out from the closet.

Then ask yourself, what is it about these clothes that make you want to put them on? Are they comfortable? Are they appropriate for what you do in a day? Do they fit in with everything else in your closet so they're easy to match?

Figure out WHY you’re wearing these pieces.

Now take a picture of these items that you wear most. You can put the clothes on and snap a selfie. Or you can lay them on the floor and photograph the items on their own.

Sometimes putting the distance between you and the clothing in a photo helps you see why you choose these items, and how they make sense for your life.

Click here to watch the video where I explain the styling non-negotiables to help you better understand your wardrobe needs.

And make sure to download the workbook so you have a solid understanding of today's challenge.

You can get the workbook by clicking here.

And that's all for today!

I'll see you tomorrow.