Elysha Lenkin —as featured in NYT, Oprah Magazine and InStyle— presents...

Ready to dazzle & delight this holiday season?

Join my outfit magic styling challenge and I'll help you create a look that's so FAB, you'll have more fun at your celebrations!

Let's ramp up your personal style! 

No need to splurge on new clothes.

With a discerning eye and some simple styling skills, you can reimagine your existing wardrobe into stylishly vibrant ensembles.

This is what I'll be showing you inside of this Styling Challenge.

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Elysha helped me bring out my authentic self and match it with confidence, attitude and a killer outfit! 


In the Outfit Magic Styling Challenge, I'll show you how to confidently combine your wardrobe into fresh party looks! This is about more than putting together a fab outfit — it's about creating style certainty so you can love your look...on repeat!

Join the challenge and after our time together, you'll have everything you need to elevate your ordinary pieces into EXTRAordinary ensembles which include:

Personal Flair

I'll show you how to add interest into your outfits so they come alive with personality.

Skillful Touches

My what-to-wear formula will empower you to create bold and stylish combos so you can break free from the same old top and basic neutral pant.

Unexpected Gems
Your wardrobe will reveal more options once you uncover the untapped potential that's been hiding in the back.

Not only will you walk away with an inspired fashion sense, but you'll invigorate your spirit by taking time for yourself to get creative in your closet and put together new combos that make you feel proud!

Expect to finish the challenge with a *NEW* outfit using clothes you already own!

 The Styling Challenge could be your next step to transforming your styling skills and getting out of your style rut...

So you never sound like this again...

  • I can recognize a good outfit but have a hard time putting those incredible outfits together for myself; it's always a bit disappointing after seeing what I wore in photos.

  • I find myself wearing the same combo too often; do they think I'm a bore because I'm starting to feel like one myself!
  • I miss the mark with my outfits because I'm unsure of what looks best; my body isn't how it used to be. 
  • I've been playing it safe with my style; I just can't find the time or energy to do what I know I need to do.

It's time to show people who you really are, and who you know you're meant to be by injecting some creativity and fun into your holiday looks!

Here's What You'll Get With The Challenge

It's all happening in my holiday pop-up Facebook group. (If you aren't on Facebook, sign up anyway! You can still participate via email and Zoom.)

Daily Outfit Challenges

These prompts are designed to inspire and stretch your style and if you do them all —> you'll experience OUTFIT MAGIC! 

Live Styling Tutorials

During my live tutorials, I'll provide expert style guidance on how to skillfully put your outfits together. There will also be a Style Certainty masterclass to make sure your outfits are a FULL BODY YES!

Outfit Q & A

I'll host an ASK thread in the pop-up Facebook group, where you can submit your outfit related questions, and get my pro styling advice.

On Demand Reviewing

Can't join the live tutorials? No worries! All videos will be available to view in the pop-up Facebook group throughout the duration of the challenge, so you can watch at your own pace. 

Say Hi To Your Stylist!

Hi, I'm Elysha Lenkin.

I've helped thousands of women feel amazing in their clothes! 

Since I got my start styling NYC commercial shoots for big brands, magazines and celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Entertainment Weekly, O The Oprah Magazine, Tina Fey, Serena Williams, and Working Mother — I’ve spent over 10k hours styling other people!

The way I see it, your clothing and accessories are tools to support you. When styled well, you feel uplifted and energized. When your outfits are wrong, you feel inadequate, confused, and frustrated.

The Outfit Magic Styling Challenge is an opportunity to prioritize yourself by committing time and energy to your personal style. The reward of this investment is the confidence of knowing you look amazing which gives you a powerful presence that lights up the room. This makes everything more FUN!

Join me, and I'll help you feel incredible at your holiday festivities! 

What do you have to lose?

You can join my free styling challenge and ramp up your outfits...

...Or you can continue to neglect this area of your life and show up to your parties worrying if you're overdressed, or underdressed, or just wishing you wore something else.

Give a bit of your time and energy, and I'll help you feel AMAZING about how you look!

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I’m getting compliments all over the place — every time I go out. And this is not how it was before!


I like my outfits now because they make me feel energetic. And that's what I'm looking for in my outfits —things that make me feel energetic.


Elysha made me feel good about the clothes I already had and showed me how to mix them up for stylish outfits.


Register for free!

Meet me in my holiday pop-up from Dec.4th - Dec.10th for live style tutorials and outfit Q&A! The Style Certainty Masterclass takes place Dec. 8th at 1pm EST.

Don't worry about being available all week. You'll have time to binge content and catch up so your holiday outfits are amazing!


(After you sign up for the challenge, you'll get an email with the link to join our holiday pop-up Facebook group. This is where we'll make outfit magic and hang out for the duration of the event. If you aren't on Facebook, you can still participate via email and Zoom. )

Hi Elysha!

You are so talented and great at presenting and sharing information! Very fun to watch and live the interactions! Thank you!


Elysha, I have 3-4 women interested in the workshop after they heard how much Kelly and I learned. How can they get the replay?


Elysha helped me to start having fun with my style again!