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How To Have A Spring Wardrobe That Flatters

    Ready for a spring wardrobe that truly flatters? Then keep reading —> I’m spilling the tea on how to make it happen! And if you’re wondering, why trust me with this styling advice — it’s because I’ve got 30 years’ experience, helping hundreds of women curate purposeful wardrobes that hit the sweet spot — meaning, they love everything, they know it looks good and they’re excited to wear it now. FYI: This isn’t just about buying; it’s about finding your unique style and expressing it with the right clothes.

    wardrobe makeover: here are two versions of the same woman's closet. On the left there is a lot of black and on the right it has more color.
    Checkout my client’s closet transformation!
    By dialing in on the key elements for her flattering style, her wardrobe came alive in true vibrancy!

    Now, when you think of flattering clothes, what comes to mind? Is it something that makes you look taller and slimmer?

    I bet that 85% of women would agree — which I understand!

    Tall and slim women generally have an easier time looking good because of the way clothing is designed.

    But I believe flattering clothes are those that put you in that I’m-loving-how-I-look energy. You don’t have to look tall and thin to feel this!

    True flattery is about feeling good in your own skin.

    This is what radiates confidence. And calls other people in. 

    So, my mission for your spring wardrobe?

    To make you feel incredible about how you look so you’re in that I’m-loving-how-I-look vibe!

    Your Spring Wardrobe Guidance

    To have a spring wardrobe that flatters, it’s quite simple — make sure your clothing ATTRACTS and doesn’t DISTRACT.

    Simple, yes. Easy, no. So many women wear distracting clothes!

    Think: itchy fabrics, blouses that bunch up in weird places, shoes that irritate and rub against your toes, waistbands digging into your skin, buttons that keep popping open…BLEH😩!

    It’s time to get rid of that clothing! It doesn’t flatter. Plus your closet will be better curated without them.

    Unfortunately, physical clothing discomfort is only the beginning of wardrobe distractions.

    Wardrobe Worries That Consume Your Attention

    If you’re dealing with deeper wardrobe distractions, be aware that they can quickly become heavy mental loads that take over your brain and take you off your game. That’s why you end up putting all your energy into the wrong things — which causes you to miss out on the stuff that truly makes a difference in your life!

    It’s like walking into a party and instantly feeling overdressed. Has that ever happened to you? Self-consciousness taints every interaction, causing you to feel out of place, and casts a shadow over the entire evening that prevents you from having fun! Nooooooo!!!

    One client told me how her mind was so consumed with worries about what she wore, how she looked, and what others would think – it distracted her at work. 

    How do you bring your best ideas forward when you’re plagued by self doubt?

    You don’t. 

    It wasn’t only at work where this was an issue. Her family noticed it too. She was often irritable — angry with herself — for wasting so much energy buying and returning clothing, trying to find something acceptable to wear. 

    Finally, she decided it was time to do something about her wardrobe worries.

    She reached out to me and we worked together to curate her closet so it hit the sweet spot.

    The results? She’s now making a powerful impression at work, and she’s already up for another promotion—just months after her last one! 

    But the real win is in the freedom she’s found. No more stressing over outfits or worrying about how she’s perceived—she’s finally at ease. And this sense of relief doesn’t just stop at her wardrobe; it’s made her whole life feel lighter. She breathes easier now!

    Clothing That Attracts

    Now you’re familiar with clothing that DISTRACTS, let’s get to the fun part —clothes that ATTRACT! 

    This is about wearing items that highlight your unique traits and give you that I-know-I-look-good vibe that makes you MAGNETIC. This flatters!

    Focus on these 3 key elements to find clothes that attract:

    1. Color

    Choosing the right color for your wardrobe is huge! Because depending on your skin, hair and eyes — some colors will make you look vibrant while others won’t.

    See what I mean 👇

    These pics were taken in the same location. See the dark shadows on my skin on the left? I look much healthier on the right, in one of my colors!

    That’s why I create a palette for all my clients when we first begin our work: so they wear only colors that flatter!

    2. Cut

    Silhouettes are also important when it comes to flattery. After styling hundreds of bodies, I’ve found that highlighting the waist flatters MOST shapes. So start there for your flattering spring wardrobe.

    Then, focus on your horizontal proportions, which play a MAJOR role in creating a visually balanced look. I recommend using my signature ‘3 Way Split‘ technique — trust me, it works wonders! By adding a horizontal line to divide your body into thirds instead of halves, like my client did in the photos below, you’ll achieve a more proportional and flattering appearance.

    The 3 Way Split Styling Technique to create an outfit that flatters as shown in these 3 photos of a woman wearing different outfits.
    My client used to divide her outfit into halves, as seen in the left photo. After working with me, she learned to apply my ‘3 Way Split’ demonstrated in the middle and right. Her outfits are way more flattering now!

    3. Components

    To add dimension and personality to your look, incorporate things like accessories, textures and prints. Be selective though, as some components will flatter you more than others. For example, I’m petite — so big prints may overpower my smaller frame. Focus on finding things that best accentuate your unique attributes and complement your overall appearance.

    A Spring Wardrobe That Flatters

    For a truly flattering spring wardrobe, prioritize ATTRACTION over DISTRACTION. Choose garments that make you feel incredible, paying close attention to color, cut, and components.

    Also be sure that your items go together! Otherwise you’ll end up with a bunch of amazing pieces, but no amazing outfits. I can’t tell you how many women come to me, complaining they have nothing to wear, and it’s because they bought beautiful pieces that go with NOTHING else they own. That fabulous printed blouse you never wear? It’s because you don’t have the right pieces to go with it.

    My goal for every client is to create a versatile and cohesive wardrobe — and we do this by dialing in on their wardrobe attractors, and eliminating their wardrobe distractors.

    Ready to have your own spring wardrobe that flatters? I can help!

    Through a combination of style discovery, closet refinements, outfits styling and deliberate shopping, I’ll help you curate your wardrobe so it hits the sweet spot — meaning you love everything, you know it looks good, and you’re excited to wear it now!

    And to celebrate spring, I’m offering an incredible bonus! 

    Book your 3 month or 6 month Style Reinvention by Sunday March 24th at 11:59pm EST, and you’ll also receive your WOW FACTOR, a two hour deep dive session —with me — to turn up your natural charisma. From your visual identity to your personal story, you’ll uncover what makes you magnetic, and how to highlight those qualities in your image and interactions. (Valued at $2,222)

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