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Update Your Summer Dress For Winter

    My NYE outfit was all planned, but thanks to covid…CANCELLED. Good thing I didn’t buy anything new. By closet shopping our looks we saved over $500 on new clothes! We each had a summer dress we loved, but they needed to be winterized.

    photo by @jsilkphoto

    Here’s How We Updated Our Summer Dress

    1.  Added base layers

    Turtlenecks are my favorite for this — so chic and warm.

    2. Covered our legs

    Gemma could wear leggings. I’d do black opaque tights and finish with my tall boots.


    3. Accessorized

    Gemma never takes off her thin gold necklaces. I’d wear mine over my turtleneck.

    I was excited to use the black bag I bought over the summer. I hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet because my handbags have kind of gone obsolete.

    There it is…

    An updated summer dress for winter.

    Thankfully, we didn’t buy anything new!

    Because how many times have you needed an outfit, and without knowing exactly what you already own…you bought something new?

    You thought you needed it.

    You didn’t know what you had…

    And you certainly didn’t want to work through your closet to see what’s in there…

    So you went shopping.

    It may seem easier to get something new, but it just adds more clutter. And this creates an even bigger hurdle to go through your closet.

    Are you in this situation?

    You’ve got a ton of clothes, but you always feel like you have nothing to wear so you either wear the same thing all the time, or constantly buy new stuff…

    If yes, my upcoming closet clear out workshop is for you! I’ll help you edit and declutter your clothes so you love everything in your wardrobe and get rid of the rest.

    Then your outfits will come together easier.

    You’ll have less, but better options, and you won’t feel the need to buy anything new.

    Think of all the money you’ll save!

    It’s coming soon with an exclusive bonus for those who sign up immediately.

    Click here to get on the list so you’ll be notified once doors open.

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