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The Root Of Your Clothing Problem And Why You Struggle With Your Style

    Do you have a hard time with your style and struggle to get dressed? If yes, here’s what to know: your clothing problem has a root cause, and this is what’s keeping you stuck. It shows up differently on every woman, but underneath you’re dealing with the same issue.

    On the surface it could look like the woman who is frustrated and rushed because she spends her morning trying 10 things before finding something to wear.

    Or it could show up as feeling bored and uninspired by your typical go-to outfit which isn’t working anymore.

    Or you may be like the woman who feels guilty about all her unworn clothes. She passes over 90% while getting dressed, and still ends up wearing the same old thing.

    So whether you’re wasting time in the closet, settling for clothes that don’t fit anymore, or feeling limited by your wardrobe, the problem is the same. 

    You’ve changed, and your clothes have not.

    It seems like an easy solution to change your clothes…

    But you don’t. 

    Because something else is holding you back. And it’s why you’re unhappy with your wardrobe and frustrated with your style.

    If you relate to what I’m saying, keep reading because I’m sharing 3 underlying issues to most clothing problems. It’s important to understand these issues, whether you have 1, 2 or all 3, if you want to make lasting change for a personal style that gives you confidence and reflects who you are.

    1. You Have A Different Body

    I’ve styled hundreds of women for the past 25 years, and most clothing problems come from a body change. You know you’re dealing with this when your clothes don’t fit or look right anymore, and you’re frustrated! Garments you used to love become snug in certain areas, or don’t drape how they did before which makes you self conscious and unsure. Of course it’s difficult to decide what to wear when you feel like this! And it explains why you waste so much time getting dressed.

    2. Your Taste Has Evolved

    Another big underlying issue is when your personal preferences shift, and your clothes don’t match who you’ve become. Your wardrobe is no longer you! This means that your go-to outfits — like skinny pants and a big sweater —  don’t work. But you keep wearing them because you’re insecure about what else to try. You don’t know what’s in style, and you’re worried about looking dated. This is why you play it safe and feel like you could be dressing better.


    3. You Have A New Role

    The last major clothing problem stems from a new role. Similar to when your taste evolved, a new role results in clothing mismatches. But the difference is that a new lifestyle usually accompanies the new role. So now your clothes are totally wrong! They’re better suited for your previous life. And when you show up to your new role in old clothes, you aren’t conveying your current identity. It’s confusing! You know your old clothes aren’t right, but you don’t know what dressing for your new role looks like. This is why you pass over most of your clothes when getting dressed, and end up in the same old thing.

    The Underlying Clothing Problem Of Your Style

    The reason you haven’t changed your clothes is because you’re uncertain. You don’t know what else to wear. That’s why shopping is not the solution. It’ll only bring more unfulfilling clothes. 

    The answer is to embrace the change.

    Accept your new body.

    Own the evolution of your personal preferences.

    Fill the shoes of your new role.


    Once you’ve embodied the changes, then it’s time to start working through your clothes and clear out everything that doesn’t support your style and the person you’ve become.

    If you’re looking for a fun and productive way to get your closet cleanout done, join the wardrobe purge party on January 20th, 2024! It’ll help you edit and declutter your clothes so you love everything and clear the rest. Go here to get the details.

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