There’s More To Style Than Meets The Eye

Whole Style starts on the inside.

It’s how  you live your life.
Whether it’s purposefully leaving the blouse button undone,
Or doing the DIY facial at night.

Whole Style goes beyond the clothes you wear.

It’s the way you shift your stance to say hello,
Or meet someone’s eye to say goodbye.

Whole Style comes from lifestyle
choices that fit – body, mind and soul.

You choose the shoes because they feel right.
You take the stairs because they give you more energy.
You wear the outfit because it best expresses  you.

 As your stylist for the mind, body + soul, I help you tap into your Whole Style to live well and look AWESOME.

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Styling For The Mind, Body and Soul

red.1603Choose from several services that help you BE your best style!

Whether it’s online styling or an in-person session, we’ll work together to:

  • Clear out + create space in your closet and lifestyle
  • Add lifestyle practices and new clothes to fit mind, body and soul
  • Rebuild outfits + refine lifestyle choices to express your best self

Let’s live well and look AWESOME!

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I shop for a living

As a stylist, I peruse stores and showrooms in search of the latest must-have items to make a model (or product) pop on set. Put simply, my job is to help bring a clients vision to life.

Dove, Health magazine,, Mindful magazine, MTV, Parents magazine, Random House, Reader’s Digest and Prevention magazine are just a few of the many clients I’ve styled shoots for.

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