There’s More To Style Than Meets The Eye


Your Style goes beyond
the clothes you wear.

It’s how you live your life.
Whether it’s waking up early
for an AM run. Or doing
the DIY facial at night.

Your Style starts on the inside.

It’s the way you shift your stance to say hello.
Or meet someone’s eye to say goodbye.

Your Style comes from lifestyle
choices that fit – mind, body & soul.

You choose the shoes that let you walk for miles.
You pick the color because it brightens your mood.
You wear the clothes that speak your truth.

As your stylist for the mind, body & soul, I’ll help you tap into your total self to look and BE your best!

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Let’s Work Together To Essence Your Style!

To essence your style, we’ll go beyond your personal preferences in clothing to bring out the true you.
Here’s how I can help:

Rework your wardrobe to fit who you are today.  **And say what you want it to say!**

Reconnect to your body for calm, clarity and better decision making. **No more morning freak outs with nothing to wear!**

Boost your enthusiasm for total self expression. **Be who you are. And own it!**


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As a stylist, I peruse stores and showrooms in
search of the latest must-have items to make a
model (or product) pop on set. Put simply, my
job is to help bring a clients vision to life.
Dove, Health magazine,, Mindful
magazine, MTV, Parents magazine, Random
House, Reader’s Digest and Prevention magazine
are just a few of the many clients I’ve styled shoots for.

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