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5 Ways To Give More (Even If You Just Paid Your Taxes)

    5 Ways To Give More | | Mind Body Soul Stylist

    5 Ways To Give More | | Mind Body Soul Stylist
    For freelancers + self employed people like myself, today isn’t exactly the most exciting day. In fact, as everyone seems to be disagreeing about everything lately (Hillary? Bernie?), most will agree– paying taxes suck.

    For those of you who have been paying as you go — your taxes are deducted from your paycheck- this could be a very exciting time…you will soon receive your refund!

    But no matter which side of the tax form you fall on – the payer or the payee, it’s still an opportune time to be more generous.

    You may be thinking WTF, if you just paid out oodles of cash. But the truth is, the antidote for feeling strapped, is to give more.

    And while it’s awesome to give more money to your favorite people and / or causes. There are so many other ways to give which bring you into the spirit of generosity. By approaching any and every situation with the attitude of what can I offer here, you are leaving an imprint of abundance in your mind which not only feels fu*k’in great, it puts you on the path of abundance, as both giver and receiver. Yes, I’m getting into karma here. And if that’s too weird, then just consider the fact that giving is good for the soul.

    Here are 5 Way To Give That Don’t Include Large Amounts Of Cash

    1. Give Encouragement
    Be kind with your words. Often.

    2. Give Good Energy
    Raise the vibe of a room. Think about uplifting the people around you.

    3. Give A Laugh
    It’s 100% contagious.

    4. Give Time
    Especially when you feel too busy. A good place to start is with those Greenpeace / Women’s Reproductive Rights / Feed A Homeless Child solicitors on the street. I have a tough time stopping for them. But 5 minutes usually won’t make or break a schedule.

    5. Give Presence
    All of the above are useless if you aren’t paying attention to what’s in front of you. Step away from your brain chatter to listen / see / acknowledge what you have to bring to the situation. Then give that.

    Tip The Coffee Counter

    You probably won’t go bankrupt by giving an extra buck to the person who made your double espresso soy latte. And especially these days when you literally have to opt out of tipping on the credit card machine…wouldn’t you just rather cough up the cash and call it day?

    How do you give without spending tons of cash?

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