Why You Need To Take A Chill Pill (It’s Not Really A Pill)

Why You Need To Take A Chill Pill (It’s Not Really A Pill)

The other day I was a little late to yoga. As I was rushing to remove my layers, and get onto the mat, I noticed everyone was lying down on their backs. Class started in savasana…and I was incredibly disappointed to be missing it. I had already learned Β how savasana helps me be more mindful in life.

If this was a year ago, or maybe even 6 months back — I would’ve thought Ok, good — they haven’t started yet
when I saw them all lying down. But now, I know the benefits of stillness. And I wanted in!

I spend so much of my day running from here to there that in order to really hear what’s happening inside I need to be still. Savasana gives me the opportunity to do this. It also provides the space to let go and let flow.

In yoga, or in many aspects of my life, I do do do with all my might to make things happen, or to get into this pose, or arrange things exactly how I want. It even shows up on my face– have you seen what determination looks like? Think furrowed brow and squinty eyes. Which is fine some of the time, but I think we all know the long term effects this can have. There’s got to be some balance.

When I stop the action, the energy gets transformed. My efforts become grace.

This is what savasana is for.

I can also apply this to my day to day doings, or any type of work.

Though it may appear as if I’m doing nothing when I’ve taken a chill pill, the opposite is true.

By slowing down, there’s space to absorb and refresh.
And the time to just be.

How do you take a chill pill?

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  1. jess@soulsurfnyoga.com' Jess says:

    Totally agree!! Love, love, love savasana! Such an important part of the practice. I take a chill pill by just following/connecting to my breath, wherever I am at that moment, or whatever I’m doing. Very handy. πŸ˜‰

  2. Very handy, indeed! That ability to chill out in any situation is such a skillful way to approach life. Thank you, Jess!

  3. I take a nap πŸ™‚

  4. Haha! Great idea, Michele!

  5. chloedance@comcast.net' Chloe Carlson says:

    Thanks for the valuable reminder of the pricelessness of stillness, contemplation, non-doing, Elysha. I needed this! xox

  6. Thank you, Chloe! Always a pleasure having you here. xoxo

  7. terre@helpyouwell.com' Terre says:

    Awesome! Funny how our attitudes/opinions change. At one point you would have actually thought that class hadn’t even started! Sadly, there are many people who think once shavasana begins, class is over.

  8. That’s right! I would’ve thought that I hadn’t missed anything. I used to be one of those people who left class when savasana began, but now…no way! I soak up every second. Thank you, Terre!

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