6 Coats (On Serious Sale!) To Get You Through Winter

6 Coats (On Serious Sale!) To Get You Through Winter

Here it is, the second week of January, and I’m finally starting to think about a winter coat. My 45°-friendly jacket has been getting me by since December, but when that wind shield hit the other morning bringing the temps below 20 — it was my cue to bulk up with something warmer.

The thing about winter coats – especially in a place like NYC where they get worn to death – is that by the end of the season they’re pretty much done. I usually end up hating my winter coat by March when I’m forced to keep it on for like another month.

Fortunately, being late to the game on coat shopping means I’m just in time for the sales…as in major markdowns!

Check out these winter coats which may normally be too pricey, but because of the timing…they may fit right into your budget.

The thin belt and fur collar give this coat such ladylike appeal while the plaid print and mohair texture say classically hip.

Another coat with mixed textures – also mohair and wool. But this one is in a super cool shade of blue, and adds down to the mix which will do a really good job fending off the freezing cold.

Stand out like a fresh seashell when stepping out onto the street in this striped situation. (Now say that sentence five times fast!)

I am completely obsessed with this coat, along with pretty much everything else by this designer. It’s probably not the most practical piece to buy for winter. But it’s so eff!ng cute. And affordably on sale!

A modern take on the duffle coat, this fur hooded lovely has a retro flavor, yet totally feels refined and ready to take you through March.

Ok, I actually tried this one on — that’s how much I was in love. The bummer — it’s now only available in one size. The even bigger bummer — the sale price is still beyond my budget.

What’s your winter coat look like this year?

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  1. justsylph@gmail.com' Maia says:

    You’re right about they’re on sale, even here in Canada. But ugh!! Didn’t we just do some ‘cleansing and cleaning’??! 😉

  2. We did! And now since I got a new coat, I can finally get rid of my old, feather-leaking down jacket. ????

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