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6 Ways To Bring Back Hope After Election Devastation

    5 Ways To Bring Back The Hope After Election Devastion | |Mind Body Soul Stylist

    5 Ways To Bring Back The Hope After Election Devastion | |Mind Body Soul Stylist

    On the morning after the election, my mind was blown. No Way Did This Really Happen was all I thought. Once my disbelief turned into nausea, I was left feeling angry, worried and full on fear. But there was something else going on…I had this unsettling dis-ease that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. After living in New York City since the 90s, I was no stranger to the turmoil a major tragedy brings, but on this morning post election I felt different.

    Then it hit me, I had lost hope. And this sense of hopelessness was new to me.

    In astrology, my sun sits in the first house which makes light a huge part of who I am. When I can’t see even a slither of sunshine, or hope, I’m lost.

    It’s been almost a week, and while I’m certainly not feeling sunny about this situation, there is a tiny crack of light re-emerging from the dark. I am slowly reconnecting to hope.

    Here’s how I’ve been doing this.

    6 Places You May Find Hope

    In Yoga
    Yes, the meditative atmosphere of yoga is certainly conducive to hope, but on that dreary Wednesday morning after the election it was the community of yogis in the room that lifted me up. Simply moving and breathing on the same wavelength with others showed me there is light – in them, and in myself.

    In Hardcore Cardio
    Our bodies act as a storehouse for all of our emotions, therefore, the cathartic movement of foot stomping, heart pounding exercise will transform toxic energy into sweat. And ultimately this creates space for hope.

    Chatting With Others
    Like the community I felt in yoga, this time it’s all about the conversation. The importance of being able to vent, and acknowledge these difficult feelings to someone who understands provides not only the opportunity to release, but also to connect with others.

    In Music / Art / Writing
    Curling up with consoling words, or finding relief underneath my headphones has given me the opportunity to feel even deeper. I love this essay by Aaron Sorkin to his family. And singing loudly / dancing hard to this playlist has touched my soul.

    By Taking Action
    The protests which are going strong around the country are one way to let off steam, and join up with others. I discovered this list of organizations who need support, and donated money. Here’s an article with more suggestions on how to help. Your response to a call of action is fertile ground for hope.

    In Creating
    Have you heard the New Tribe Called Quest? Deemed a powerful protest album, it is the perfect artistry to accompany these times. This is where hope lives…in the full expression of who we are. Go make something meaningful and share it.

    How do you get your hope back?

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    16 thoughts on “6 Ways To Bring Back Hope After Election Devastation”

    1. Girl Gathering Wisdom

      Thank you for today’s post! It gives us productive ideas to accept and move on while dealing with an unexpected major event. Surprise throws us off balance.
      Regardless of the election I plan to be kind, to listen (with a capital “L”), to KEEP my beliefs while not surrounding myself with ONLY those people with the exact same ideas, and to be happy. I like ALL of your methods for coping and I will use them. A song came to my mind by Johnny Mercer written in 1944 (talk about coping with major events): Accentuate the Positive (aka: Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive). The first 3 lines: You’ve got to accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, Latch on the the affirmative……….. It can be googled.
      Namaste, Peace, Smiley Face

    2. YASS! I felt the same exact way, and even mentioned it to a few people. That night and a couple days after just felt so hopeless. I have been looking for the tiny cracks to find it, and every day find more.

      I totally agree on ATCQ, creating, yoga, and cardio, as well as chatting with people. I’d add that I’ve gone out of my way to be extra nice to people, too, because I think we all need that so much right now!

      Thank you for sharing. Here’s to new hope!

    3. I like your list, Elysha–some of the same as my list ( taking action, DANCING big time and music, community) and, like Mandie, slathering extra dollops of kindness on those around me and the Universe. Also, extra focus on the marsh and mediatting on all the natural beauty around me. Like you, I’ve been consciously trying to create more–writing, cooking, choreography…creativity is the antidote to destructiveness :).

      On a related note, I thought of you as I was writing a post today about Bandaloop and their amazing vertical dancing…remembering your inspiring go with the trapeze awhile back. You rock, my friend. Shine on…and on…and on….xoxo

    4. The morning after the election, I went for a run and ran longer than I had in months.
      I’ve also been listening to throwback music almost every day to keep my spirits buoyed up. In a world of uncertainty, sometimes I take pleasure in the familiar.
      Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    5. All such good suggestions. I am cooking, hugging my kids and the dog, going for walks in nature. All the usual suspects. Now if I can just attack that hard cardio . . .

    6. michele anderson

      All wonderful Ideas! When you’re doing those things you feel in charge of your life. Feeling empowered is what’s important. For me, I also want to connect more with people and spread kindness. A simple smile to a complete stranger. Not getting stressed out in crowds while shopping, but instead finding the humor in it all. Taking each day as it comes, and one step at a time. Making children feel safe, and making sure when you go to bed at night not taking the full force of the day with you. As you’re signing those petitions, also practice gratitude.

    7. These are beautiful suggestions, Michele. I will definitely remember to find humor and make children feel safe. Thank YOU!

    8. It works! You don’t need to take a cardio class. Just put on a few songs you love at home, and go nuts…I promise you will shake out some of the stress.

    9. Ah yes, the trapeze! I still seem them doing their thing regularly…perhaps I’ll get back up there one day.
      Thank you, for adding to the list. It’s helpful + inspiring to see how others deal. xoxo YOU rock!! Please keep shining your light!

    10. Mandie, we do need more kindness in the world right now. It sets a solid foundation, and should be at the base of all our actions.
      Here’s to new hope to you too! xo

    11. I’m happy that you are feeling hope again… I am too… I’m seeing how important it to create our own joy in life, and connect with others for strength and support. And do what we love to do (like yoga)!! 2016 has been a pretty tumultuous year and I think some very beautiful things could come out of it. Thank you Elysha, xo Aleya

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