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6 Ways To Keep Your Sanity Amidst Holiday Madness

    How To Avoid Maxing Out On Holiday Madness

    How To Avoid Maxing Out On Holiday Madness

    Tis the season of major distractions making it way too easy to veer off track. I love a fun and festive celebration — but not at the expense of sacrificing my well-being. When I’m overextended, my ability to do good for others amounts to zilch.  At home, we call it the trickle-down effect — when Mommy’s taken care of, she can take care of everyone else.

    Here’s how to keep from overdoing it — whatever IT may be.

    • KEEP MOVING — Yoga, running, spinning, barre – now is NOT the time to blow off your regular movement practice.
    • SAY NO — To any invite or request that feels like too much — the party, making the cookies, babysitting your neighbors kids. Learn when enough is enough. And act on it.
    • GIVE MORE — Find a way to donate that makes sense for you and your lifestyle. If you’re wallet is feeling thin, have a look in your closet…is there an old coat that could better serve someone else? Or maybe making cookies for the school fair feels right. It doesn’t have to be a massive gesture — usually any amount helps, and those scraps really do add up.
    • BREATHE — I know, so simple and obvious, but being with the breath is one of the easiest ways to restore balance. Even more so if you keep the focus beyond just one inhale. Try it for 5 minutes.
    • GO GREEN — As in drink green juice.  Honestly, any vegetable combo will do, but when I go green I like to get in as much goodness as possible –consider it your fight against toxic buildup.
    • SLOW DOWN — Be where you are when you’re there. Delight in the present!

    How do you hold onto your well-being during the holiday season?

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    2 thoughts on “6 Ways To Keep Your Sanity Amidst Holiday Madness”

    1. Go green I must admit isn’t something I would think of this week. I’ve just been thinking I’ll indulge in everything and try to take it easy next week. Good advice to get some green juice in this week though.

    2. Hi Karen,
      I sometimes find that drinking green juice curbs my cravings for other indulgences. But you’re right, it is a good time to indulge and enjoy. Happy Holidays!

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