Is Your Style More Nike Or Adidas?

Is Your Style More Nike Or Adidas?

Is your style Adidas or Nike? It was always Nike for me. As a kid I couldn’t wait to hit the sneaker store for my next pair. And just like every kid does, I’d wear them straight out of the store; stashing the old ones¬†in the box to be forgotten. In those days, Nike was it.

But that was a long time ago. The tables have turned since then because looking around the streets today, particularly amongst the cool kids,¬†it’s all about Adidas. With their high end designer collabs and Adidas Originals street cred, both the fashion people and¬†teens too – they’re¬†all¬† sporting the three stripes! I’ve even gotten on board with the classic track pant (available in skinny styles!) which¬†sometimes has me dressing like my 11 year old son.

But I’m not purely Adidas or Nike. Different categories call me to each one for different reasons. Here is the breakdown.

Running or Workout Shoes

Nike 100%. They really are more athlete driven (aside from soccer) with performance technology that’s top notch.

Street Shoes

Adidas Originals, the throwback series, is high in demand. I can’t walk a block in the city without seeing these on somebody’s feet. The clean design is hard to beat.

Workout Wear

I’m going with Adidas on this one too. I find their leggings to be priced really well (except for the Stella McCartney stuff which I’d wait to buy on sale), and their prints are spot on.

Everyday Wear


There’s no comparison– I’m way more Adidas than Nike with what I’d wear on the regular simply because they’re killin’ it with athleisure,¬†which speaks my style language to the tee.


I’m still not over the fact that I had my hands on this bag while in Barcelona, but then decided it was lame to buy Adidas abroad…only to discover that this particular style is not available in the US. UGH! So perusing both sites today, I’d have to¬†say Nike. As parent company of¬†Converse, there is a cute collection of bags online; sweet and simple.

What about you? Is Your Style Adidas or Nike?

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  1.' Run Wright says:

    I love your picks. I am a true Nike girl – in fact in my entire sneaker collection, there are only 3 that aren’t Nikes. I bought 4 pairs of sneakers this month (all Nike trainers) for those summer walkabouts that I find myself doing this time of year.
    My other go-to brand is Banana Republic. These days, almost all my work and casual wear come from that store. I’m pretty loyal, I guess ūüôā

  2. I usually do well in Banana Republic with my styling clients as well…I think it’s a good fit for many.

  3.' Run Wright says:

    Absolutely. I am also starting to really like J Crew. Their skirts didn’t use to fit me but I got a pencil skirt recently that fit really well so I might be shopping there more now.

  4. Love J Crew also! Good for basics, but they have a nice twist so it’s not completely plain.

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