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Make Your Career Transition With Confidence

    Get Your Dream Job

    If you’re in a career transition – whether you’re looking to get promoted in your company, or make a complete job switch – your presentation matters.

    Present Yourself With Confidence. Women stands with hands on hips for power pose.

    From the details of how you dress, to your LinkedIn profile picture, and the way you connect with your network and articulate your value, the package of YOU must present with confidence.

    Career Transition Expert

    To help you navigate through the ever changing job market from your current position to your dream job, I’ve brought in Keynote Speaker, LinkedIn Insider, Recruiting Expert, and Entrepreneur Rebecca Vertucci to share her professional development advice.

    In our conversation we talk about how to stand out in your job search, and why your personal brand is key. This applies to everyone in a career transition, and includes those who haven’t yet started the search!

    Get Your Dream Job. Woman wearing pin striped suits crossed arms with red folder in her hands.

    We also discuss how to:

    • Stay relevant in your career
    • Start developing a personal brand
    • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
    • Position yourself to showcase your value
    • Avoid the pitfalls of applying to jobs online
    • Keeping moving forward in your career

    Present With Confidence

    Click play to watch the interview on how to present yourself with confidence.

    And then let me know in the comments where you’re at in your career.

    Learn more about Rebecca Vertucci here.

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