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Here’s How To Put Together A Successful Outfit

    Make successful outfits. Two women wearing hats and carrying a backpack in casual clothing.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you woke up each morning and effortlessly put together a successful outfit? That means you would never deal with the usual confusion of not knowing what to wear, or being sick of everything in your closet. Instead, you understand how to create an amazing look!

    Make successful outfits. One woman wearing a white straw hat and wearing a sundress.

    Well, this is possible! And I’m going to share how.

    But first, let’s define a successful outfit. While we may not agree on our personal preferences that go into an outfit (I love bright and printed while you may prefer muted and solid), the ingredients of successful outfits are universal. These are the qualities everyone wants to feel confident in how they look. And it’s acheiveable by going through a simple line of questions when getting dressed. 

    Click play to watch the video where I show you how to put together a successful outfit so you get dressed with less stress.

    And read on for more style advice!

    Meet The Basics

    When you want a successful outfit, the first question to ask yourself is about the logistics of your day. This covers things like the weather, how you’ll be getting around, and your activities. The last thing you want is to feel freezing if it’s colder than you thought, to wear 4 inch heels if you’re standing all day, or to dress in a super short mini that hikes up too high when you’ll be sitting across from someone else. Be thoughtful about the details of the day ahead so your successful outfit feels appropriate.

    Convey Your Message

    Next, ask yourself what’s the vibe I want to give off. And this relates to how you feel in your clothes. Recently I attended a networking event, and as a stylist I like to feel fun and fashionable. This doesn’t mean that I dress in straight from the runway designs. (Not me!) But more that I’m in touch with my personal style and dress to express myself. And I like to have fun with it!

    As you look through your clothes, which items speak your language and send the message you’re relaying through your style. Hold up each piece and assess if it’ll help you tap into how you want to feel for the day.

    Complete The Look

    Once you’ve determined the practical aspects of your day and layered in your personal message, you’ll then need to complete your look. Assuming your message is conveyed in your main items – a top and bottom, or a dress – you’ll need to add in your accessories or 3rd piece to ensure your successful outfit is complete.  (Click here to learn more about your outfit’s final touch.

    Get dressed without stress. Red shoes, colorful clothing items and make up brushes.

    Put Together Your Outfit With Ease

    By going through these questions you’ll uncover your personal ingredients of a successful outfit. Simply zero in on the practical aspects of your day, then get clear on the message you want to convey. Once you have clarified these details, you’ll add your third style element to complete the look.

    What’s your definition of a successful outfit?

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