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How To Curb Your Overindulgences

    In order to curb overindulgences we must practice balance which will help us get off the see-saw of extreme behaviors that lead to unhappiness.

    Do you do that end of year cycle where you go nuts during the holidays – eating, drinking and indulging in all things merry? And then once the new year hits, you shift into the next phase where it’s all about cleansing, detoxing…doing anything you can to get back to your pre holiday mind, body and life?

    In order to curb overindulgences we must practice balance which will help us get off the see-saw of extreme behaviors that lead to unhappiness.

    I’ve spent many Januarys trying to get a handle on my health after too many overindulgences.

    The past couple years it’s been different. I’ve been able to bring in more balance so I’m not getting on the see-saw of extreme behavior.

    If you are looking to curb overindulgences this holiday season then click play to watch the video, or scroll down to read.

    Here’s How To Prevent Yourself From Going Overboard While Celebrating

    1. Find Your Why

    Knowing why we do something is always helpful. Whether it’s to keep up our motivation – like why we’re pursuing our dreams- or why we’re sinking into overindulgences. If you’re heading out for a night of celebration- check in on your mood and discover why you’re going out. Is it to blow off steam from a tense day or escape some bad news. Or are you genuinely looking to connect with friends? Tuning into your why can make all the difference in having a fun night out turn into a horrible hangover the next day.

    2. Exercise

    Now is not the time to slack on your exercise routine! Sticking to your workout will help keep your head in the right place, your energy up and your body in good shape…which is exactly what we need in order to prevent ourselves from going overboard on our celebrations.

    Exercise is also the key to staying connecting in mind, body and soul.

    3. Connect To Your Body

    Many times when we overindulge it’s because we have lost touch with our bodies. We run around from party to party with no connection to the body for grounding. When this happens we aren’t able to feel the signals our body sends…like I’ve had enough food. Or I don’t want that 3rd glass of wine. The only issue is… once we’ve started drinking alcohol it becomes much harder to stay connected to the body making it all the more reason to do #1 and #2.

    When we know our why, exercise and stay connected to the body, we are setting up selves us to stay in balance when entering celebration mode.

    Here’s a post on how to keep your body shaming from ruining your personal style. 

    4 thoughts on “How To Curb Your Overindulgences”

    1. Excellent reminder and timing, Elysha. Asking why gives clarity to one’s purpose. “Just to have fun” is an acceptable purpose as long as it is recognized. Exercising on the other hand deals with the body. Without health, everything else pales. And connecting to self is where your points come together. One’s style reflects who s/he is. How to put it all together is your specialty. Thanks for sharing.

    2. michele anderson

      Maybe just take small samples so you don’t feel deprived, and drink water.

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