Don’t Forget the Fun!

Don’t Forget the Fun!

I get it — you’re busy.

I’m busy too.

We’re all so effin’ busy these days with our jam packed schedules trying to fit everything in that we forget to have some fun.  I’m guilty —  I completely give in to all my responsibilities, letting them weigh me way too far down.

Well at least there’s one thing, I know, will always snap me back to the moment to enjoy for just a bit.

Awesome music!

Sometimes you just gotta hit play, shake your ass…

And give it up for a bumpin’ good time.

DO IT!!!

Elysha Lenkin
Elysha Lenkin helps women express themselves through fashion so they look current, feel confident and stay true to themselves. For over 20 years, she's worked on commercial shoots styling women in all shapes, ages and sizes including Carrie Underwood, Tina Fey and Serena Williams. Now her focus is to make fashion fun and approachable for real women so they show up feeling like superstars in their lives.


  1. SirenaTales says:

    You know it, TT! As Dr. Seuss wisely observed, ” Fun is good.” Loved that second tune–looking forward to coming back later to hear the first one. Thanks for the FUN, GrEaT post! Have a joyful weekend. Xo

  2. ♡eM says:

    I intend to be as fun-filled as I am!
    ♡ Thanks!

  3. So glad you love Tongues! Hope you are having a FUN weekend!! Xo

  4. JennyO says:

    So true, there are some songs on my playlist when they come on I just want to get my groove on. One album i have is Peter Foxx, he’s a German singer. My old Zumba teacher had one of his songs play for one of our dances and I can’t help but shake it!

  5. I’m not familiar with Peter Foxx, but I will most definitely check him out. Thanks for the tip!

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