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Don’t Just Connect…Express!

    I’ve always been into working the mind body connection. Aside from being the basis for healthy living, it defines exercise, and adds purpose to movement.  It can even give courage (mental strength) to try something new. But did you realize we can move beyond the confines of the mind body connection to let our souls do the expressing?  This is how we have fun.

    hula girl

    Kids do it all the time! They wrap their mind body connection around play.  Just the other day, G mastered the monkey bars for the first time. With a focused face (mind concentrating) and flailing legs (body in action) she gave 100% to the moment so her soul could fly free.

    You can do it too!

    If you aren’t up for the monkey bars, incorporate it into your daily routine.

    Next time while on your regular run, try leaping into the air a few times. Or throw your arms up by your ears like you just won the prize. Do something that says HERE I AM!

    If you’re a yogi, stray a tad from the traditional pose. Let your hips sway loose during cat cow, or shimmy your shoulders in crescent lunge.

    It’s about adding the ME to the move.

    You’ve already got the mind body connection. Now, bring in the soul expression.

    4 thoughts on “Don’t Just Connect…Express!”

    1. SirenaTales

      TT, Another wise, delightful post. Thank you for the advice on how to keep our movement–and our lives-vibrant. Adding our own inimitable selves’ signatures, we keep the movement alive rather than letting it languish and become empty. Plus, it’s more fun for us and those around us, yes? I love how you present deep and insightful information in an exuberant way–enriching our experience without pounding us with it. Part of your own soul expression as a writer. Rock on, lady. xoxo

    2. Lol I’d love to see my running partners face if I took a leap on the track 😉


    3. Wow, what an amazing response from your dancer perspective! It’s so true that by adding ourselves we not only enrich ourselves, but the movement as well AND others around us…I love this! Thank you so much for your wise (& kind) words. Keep shakin’ it! xo

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