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Elevate Your Style From Conventional To Captivating With These Simple Steps

    Picture this: you’re getting ready for the day, and there’s a million things running through your mind. From the 72 tasks that must get done before you leave the house, to the usual WTF will I wear today?!?!

    As you peruse your wardrobe, a glimmer of hope ignites within. You sense the possibility of finding a truly remarkable outfit that would show everyone. I’M EXTRAORDINARY!

    But flipping through your closet reveals “nothing special”. 

    Except in the back — where a few garments do make your heart sing.

    But you never know how to wear those. 😞

    So with a deep sigh that says ** here we go again** you get dressed in “nothing special” and head into the day.

    Does this idea of settling for “nothing special” resonate?

    If so, keep reading because I’m sharing 3 ways to elevate your style to go from conventional to captivating without feeling ridiculous.

    I know you’re busy, but if you can implement at least one of these steps, you’ll be closer to showing up in something that reflects how extraordinary you really are.

    It all starts with making bolder choices.

    3 Steps To Be Bolder With Your Look And Elevate Your Style

    1. Let Go Of The Pressure

    A big reason women hesitate to be bolder with their style is they are afraid of looking ridiculous. Rightly so! Noone wants to feel foolish, or even worse, be laughed at. 

    It’s like we’re living in the middle school lunchroom where the judgment of others prevails. And if you don’t join the flock – which at my school meant wearing Mia pointy toe flats and Jordache jeans — you risked being exiled.

    Those are high stakes!

    But as I got older, and developed my own style, I realized that it became more important to express myself than to be like everyone else. To do this, I had to lower the stakes. I couldn’t let my fear of other people’s judgements drive how I got dressed. 

    This doesn’t mean I gave a big EFF YOU to everyone in the process. (On second thought, this is exactly what I did as a teenager.) Because there is a way to look “appropriate” and still doing your own thing. (Wondering how? Watch this video here.)

    Step 1 to elevate your style and be more daring with your look is to lower the stakes.

    You do this by:

    A.) Knowing you can always change your clothes

    B.) Let go of other people’s opinions

    An easy way to begin lowering the stakes is with accessories.

    Are you willing to be more daring with your accessories?

    Here’s some prompts to get started. 

    Ask yourself:

    • What accessories have you forgotten about?
    • How can you create an interesting statement by pairing different accessories together?
    • What word comes to mind when accessorizing differently?

    Take what resonates and leave the rest!

    We’re moving on to the second step.

    2. Think Outside The [Jewelry] Box

    Here’s the truth: your safe choices are boring. You know it. And I’d say it to you if we were together. To elevate your style with more pizazz means taking risks (with low stakes, remember!). An easy way to switch things up is to stop seeing your stuff in the same old boring way!

    Look at it differently.

    Your shirt dress… it’s actually a jacket!

    On the left, it’s a dress. On the right it’s a jacket.

    Your high neck dress — it’s actually a zip up v-neck. (When worn backwards.)

    Image on left shows woman wearing high neck green gingham dress. The image on the right shows the dress worn backwards with a zipper v-neck.
    On the left, is how the dress came.
    On the right, is how I wear it.

    And since we want to keep the stakes low, and play with accessories — your broken necklace is actually a charm for your other necklace. Click play to watch the video below where I demonstrate this!

    Your assignment for step 2 is to open your eyes to see the unexpected possibilities that are waiting for experimentation. If you’re feeling a little bolder, branch out beyond accessories in step 2.

    Use these prompts to get you going:

    • What haven’t I worn in ages?
    • How else can I wear this?
    • What’s the first word that comes to mind when I wear something in a new way?

    I hope you’re feeling the call to get into your closet to shake things up and elevate your style!

    Read the next step before you go, though…this one is GOOOOOOD!

    3. Make It Fun!

    I bet as a type A woman, you don’t have a lot of time for fun. But what if you could build fun into your schedule? LIke when getting dressed? Would you be more willing to give it a go?

    I hope so! Because having fun doesn’t get the accolades it deserves. Often pushed off as frivolous, too many women are missing out on — yes, a good time….And also, an incredible way to raise their vibe!

    Fun GREATLY impacts your energy.

    Think about it — when you’re having fun, you’re completely present and connected to what you’re doing (and to yourself!) WHILE feeling joy. This sets the perfect foundation for expressing a bolder side of yourself because fun FREES you up!

    Now you may be wondering — can getting dressed be fun? Especially when it fills you with dread, or feels like a chore? (BTW, this is how I feel about cooking — both dreadful and a chore.)

    The answer is yes. You can have fun getting dressed. But plan on doing things differently.

    Step 3 is to be playful with your clothes.

    Make space for this!

    Playing with your clothes at 7:30 am when you must be at work by 9 isn’t the way to go. Instead set aside time on the weekend. Put on your favorite music — the songs that stir your soul.

    Then be rebellious by trying things you may have thought you “shouldn’t”. Or “couldn’t” pull off. This is your time to let loose and shine.

    And the best part? You can build up a bunch of (wearable) outfits while playing in your closet. The trick here is to take the pressure off. (Stay low stakes!)

    Get experimental, and stretch your style to new heights. You just may surprise yourself and get into a groove that results in a week’s worth of work outfits. (And if not, that’s ok. The purpose is to be playful. Consider any actual wearable outfits a bonus.)

    Here’s some prompts for your play space:

    • What delights me in my wardrobe?
    • How can I have more fun with this piece?
    • Are there any words that come to mind when playing with your wardrobe?

    By having fun with your style, you bring a fresh energy wherever you go, and this makes you more magnetic.

    Elevate Your Style With Bolder Choices

    If fearing judgment is one reason women aren’t more daring, the other reason is their uncertainty. They have no idea what to do! And it feels a lot easier to carry on with their safe choices than it is to shake up the status quo. But this kind of complacency can cause a misalignment as they show up in “nothing special”.  

    For years, my client Bethany did this. Between her hectic work schedule and family responsibilities, her personal style was often neglected. Although she cared about how she looked, it constantly took a backseat. So she came across as ordinary. Which is NOT who she was.

    When she acknowledged that not prioritizing herself was inauthentic because she really did care about she looked, she decided to do something about it.

    We worked together.

    I helped her curate her wardrobe and upgrade her image and the results were immediate. Compliments came in regularly as did the new opportunities. Bethany is making a much stronger statement through her style and image. I love watching her be seen for who she really is — extraordinary!

    If you’re ready to be bolder with your style and elevate your image, let’s talk! Whether your look needs a tweak in color, fit or overall aesthetic, I’ll help you choose clothes that highlight your body, amplify your presence and feel undeniably YOU!

    Go here to book a complimentary call.

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