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3 Chic Ways To Layer Your Spring Dress

    It’s that in-between stage in NYC where one day it’s gorgeous and sunny, the next it’s cold and gray. So what do you wear when it’s like this?

    You have a choice.

    Do you take a big leap into spring with your lightweight pieces, but then risk feeling cold or overexposed? Or do you return to winter warmth with heavier fabrics so you don’t freeze?

    My answer — do both. I’ll show you how!

    Keep reading for 3 chic ways to layer your spring dress so that you feel aligned with the season, yet warm enough to move around freely.

    Chic Ways To Wear Your Layers

    The foundation piece I’m layering is a pretty floral wrap dress by ba&sh. I have an event I’m attending next week, and I didn’t want to wear my heavy winter pieces. But for some reason I’m always freezing in LA so anything too lightweight would feel cold. That’s why I came up with 3 layering pieces to put over the spring dress. Now I’m excited to attend the event because I know I’ll be comfortable and like how I look.

    The Overcoat

    The first layering option is a blazer. I’m a big fan because the structure provides warmth and sophistication. It’s an easy way to polish your look. 

    There’s a few ways to wear a blazer with your dress. You could drape it over your shoulders, choose one with a  shorter hem, or go oversized. If you go with a fuller fit, I recommend highlighting your waist. Do this by either buttoning the jacket, or bringing in a belt.

    The Dress As Skirt

    The next way to add a stylish layer to your dress is with a sweater. But not just any sweater — pay attention to the fabric and fit.

    Choose something that’s thin or lightweight so it doesn’t get too bulky on top of the dress. I went with cashmere. Highlighting your waist is also a good idea so why not try a cropped hem for fun? If you don’t have a shorter sweater, roll yours up. That’s what I did with mine. 

    The Second Skin 

    The third way to add a chic layer to your dress is my favorite. A turtleneck!

    The key here is to make it feel like a second skin. Choose thin fabrics and slim fitting designs. You want it to feel smooth against your body. Also pay attention to the color. Black is often a good choice, but now always. Go with something that not only complements your natural tones, but also brings out the beauty in your dress. I’m loving yellow lately!

    See How To Style These Ideas

    It’s one thing to read these style tips, but it’s a whole other level when you see how to put them into practice.

    Click play to watch the video where I demonstrate how to add a chic layer to your lightweight dress. I use examples from my own wardrobe so you can see how to do it yourself.

    Chic Layers For Your Dress

    To transition your style into the new season, think about how you can add chic layers to what you wear. Turtlenecks, blazers and sweaters are my favorite options because I already have them in my wardrobe and they add an interesting dynamic to the overall look. 

    How do you layer your spring dresses to stay warm when it’s still chilly outside?

    Click here to get the free style guide that shows you how to put together a new outfit from your old clothes.

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